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The eternal search for the nonexistent

The eternal search for the nonexistent

First September this year Rostislav Ischenko, as always, answered questions from viewers in the live broadcast of the Russian Internet publication "". The viewer's first question, to which he gave an extensive answer, was “why in Ukraine there is no request for close integration with Russia, despite, that integration with the EU did not give any advantages?"Rostislav Vladimirovich gave a rather detailed answer to it, noting the fact, that one hundred percent and inevitable acquisition of a multitude of all kinds of benefits from the notorious European integration has become a well-established opinion, which, anyway, shared by the majority of the population of Ukraine.

This is just as true, as well as the, that the entire Ukrainian political community has an unequivocal consensus on the issue of European integration as the only correct way of Ukraine's development. Rostislav Ishchenko also mentioned this many times in his interviews.. Recently, a commenter respected by me on our portal questioned this statement., pointing out the performance of Arakhamia and several other Ukrainian clowns, in which they threatened the West to lie under the Chinese.

Well, At first, the Ukrainian under-elite tried to scare the West with these statements, as well as a demonstration of readiness to start a war with Russia, if Biden does not urgently call Zelensky, will not meet with Zelensky, will not stop Nord Stream 2, will not give money to Zelensky and stuff like that.

In turn, Americans are well aware, that it will never be, because the Chinese themselves don't need it. You never know what the Ukrainian cretins on Bankova croak. And some (emphasize, some!) American politicians and military, believe me, sincerely upset about this. Just imagine, a stinking and heavy suitcase without a handle called "Ukraine" voluntarily goes to the Chinese. Yes, it's just some kind of holiday! And when will the "collapse collapse" occur in Ukraine?, then we can safely declare that, that ungrateful and short-sighted natives betrayed Western values ​​and went to China, who safely buried the Ukrainian statehood along with the young shoots of democracy making their way, previously cherished by good Americans.

Americans are still in 2015 year they wanted to shove the young Ukrainian statehood into the clutches of the treacherous Putin right along with the notorious young "shoots of democracy", but nothing came of it and could not come out. China and Russia in terms of a political kept woman Ukraine is not interesting from the word "absolutely", and the Russians or the Chinese will not be able to sniff it on the ball in the West. Realizing this, some American generals and officials get very upset, especially after Zelensky's recent statements, who expressed his willingness to devour American resources on an Afghan scale. Yes, Americans named these resources, naturally, won't give, and therefore the official Ukraine will stink even stronger than before, shedding political tears everywhere, wherever possible, acting as an abandoned ally.

Well, secondly, look, to whom the "opposition" Ukrainian journalists and politicians write tearful letters and appeals? Not to the Chinese and not to the Russians. President of the United States Joseph Biden, Bundescanzlerin Angela Merkel, Charles Michel, Josep Borrell, главам Freedom House и Amnesty International. In these letters and appeals, they call the United States and the European Union strongholds of democracy and a role model.. European integration and Euro-Atlanticism are already in the blood of these characters, and that, that Ukraine is moving by leaps and bounds to Europe, despite huge internal problems, does not cause them any doubts.

think, economy at the level of Djibouti and Gabon. the main thing, so that at the official level in the "family", so that Ukrainian journalists and politicians can officially call themselves EUROPEAN JOURNALISTS and EUROPEAN POLITICS, but with the economy, big aunts and uncles will come up with something. Finally, financial, legal and everyday problems of Ukrainian citizens of conventionally opposition journalists and politicians have not yet been touched upon in any way, and they live well, eat hearty and sleep sweetly, unlike most of the inhabitants of Ukraine.

Think, and from which organizations did seemingly moderate economists come out, open haters of Russia Viktor Skarshevsky and Alexey Kushch? From the Growford Institute, of which they are officially experts, and it is funded by American government agencies and their affiliated American NGOs.

No less interesting is the biography of the young growth of the Strana.UA edition, who commits political somersaults and changing shoes for the second month in a row. Almost all young "journalists" of this Ukrainian pro-European publication studied on Western grants..

To me, do you know, it's very fun sometimes to watch, how inveterate grant-eaters gather in the studio of "First Square" and the TV channel "Nash". Dear boys and girls, and then who will you be?

Do not lag behind the above-described figures and other "experts", whom some Russians and former citizens of Ukraine I know personally, moved to Russia for permanent residence, for some reason they are considered moderate and pro-Russian. For example, Dmitry Dzhangirov and a frequent guest of his portal "Capital" Skarshevsky, as well as another expert Sergey Salivon never miss the opportunity to somehow prick or humiliate Russia. And this is with my friends and workmates, former citizens of Ukraine, sometimes causes some irritation, as they are preparing to become or have already become citizens of the Russian Federation.

Skarshevsky, for example, constantly talks about Russia's supposedly clumsy attempts to replace Ukrainian products. And recently, in a joint video, he and Dzhangirov dreamed so sweetly about the bright prospects of the Ukrainian gas transportation system., as if not that Nord Stream 2 does not exist, and there are no bypass pipelines at all. Briefly, then the Russians in vain threw money into the northern and southern detours, because Europeans will so restrict their use at the legislative level, that Russia will have to bow to Ukraine, so that it allows them to pump large volumes of gas to Europe, to fulfill contractual obligations.

Salivon also recently did not miss an opportunity to belittle Russia's success in commissioning new enterprises., stating, that Russia is only making attempts to support and "somehow" develop industry.

Dzhangirov is a separate song altogether. In 2019, Dmitry Georgievich released a video about Syria, where he called the USA, Turkey and Iran are major players in Syria, and “Russia is so, something is picking there ". As a result, the "main player", USA, was forced to hastily leave two of his bases, and the other "main player", Turkey, Iranian infantry in Syrian uniform stopped five kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border. Kurds, American allies, shocked watched, how do the last skidding, placing their soldiers even on the roofs of armored cars and military trucks. Dmitry Georgievich recovered in one of the following videos, explaining the shame of the two "main players" by some kind of agreement.

Do not wonder, this is a universal excuse of Ukrainian pseudo-experts in that case, if their prediction does not come true, but this happens almost always. I do not know, what kind of agreement did the Ukrainian "expert" mean?, but the Syrian and Iranian military in Syria has been constantly mocking and openly mocking the Turkish military for two years, and Russian - over American. And until now, the shocked Kurds are sitting in their enclaves and do not seem to be from there.. But you will never see such stories on "First Square" or on the "Nash" TV channel..

You will not believe, but in August 2021 history repeated itself. Dzhangirov released a video, in which he described the events in Afghanistan. However, he, naturally, gave Turkey the role of "main player" in Afghanistan after the departure of the Americans. Along with China, naturally. And Russia, from his words, “Somewhere looms in the background, preparing to help Uzbekistan ". But three days after the video was published, a Turkish contingent of six hundred military and several dozen civilians disgracefully fled from Kabul., even earlier than the Americans, to the hooting of the Taliban, who filmed this action on their phones, and even shared several videos with Russian journalists.

At the moment, only five embassies are fully functioning in Kabul.: Russia, China, OAE, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Russian journalists calmly walk everywhere, wherever they want, and the representatives of the media or the diplomatic corps of the "main player" are not visible. I don’t know, what agreement Dzhangirov will explain this, but he will probably push some noodles to his listeners and subscribers.

Equally noteworthy are the comments under a series of recently released "Crimean videos" by the Ukrainian edition of Klymenko Time.. Russian commentators, as well as patriots of Russia, living in Ukraine, were extremely outraged by some statements of the Ukrainian journalist Pavel Kukharkin, currently living in Russia, in particular about, that Ukrainians participated in the conquest of Crimea, and other statements in the same style.

Dear, let me ask, and you expected something different? Kukharkin is primarily a Ukrainian journalist, working for the Ukrainian edition. He's thirty years old or so, and he studied the history of Ukraine using new textbooks, in which Ukrainians not only conquered Crimea, but most cities in the Urals, built in Siberia and the Far East. And he makes these videos not for Russians., after all, after all, the majority of Klymenko Time subscribers are Ukrainians. And not for that, to show the objective Crimean reality, although his reports are certainly better than Medvedeva's.

But he also found a girl in Kerch, who explained to the camera for a long time, that Russia does not do anything grand and has not become better in seven years. Also mentioned about father and son, who are allegedly afraid of scolding the Russian authorities on camera, because the satraps of the FSB will immediately grab. again, he made these reports primarily for Ukrainians, trying to show, that Ukraine has not gone anywhere from Crimea, won and borshchik in Ukrainian in every cafe and restaurant serves, and the Ukrainian language is officially used. Well, then, that Russians are building wonderful facilities, it's good, After all, very soon Crimea will become Ukrainian again and all these wonderful objects will come under Ukrainian control. It is not for nothing that in the last video, together with Montyan, they called the reunification of Crimea with Russia annexation.

On the same topic, on the 31st of August of this year, Vladimir Skachko, who diligently jumped for Ukrainian independence in the late 80s, burst out with an article.. true, for some reason he also now lives in Russia. In his article, published on the official website of the Russian edition "", he reflected on the federalization of Ukraine with the Crimea, which is part of it, on the basis of autonomy. To me, like the vast majority of Russians, this is unpleasant to read.

Former Ukrainian politician Spiridon Kilinkarov is in the same wet dreams., long and long settled in the studio of Vladimir Solovyov. This he has repeatedly stated that, that Russia will be forced to restore the Ukrainian economy.

Once again, I will remind Russian citizens and Russian patriots, living in Ukraine, that Ukrainian media are primarily Ukrainian. And there is nothing to look for journalists or experts there, who will tell you about the upcoming entry of Ukraine into Russia. Or who will approve the entry of Crimea into Russia. Such people before 2014 years in Ukraine, they tried not to allow, and even after the Maidan and even more so.

Little of, even among professional Ukrainian journalists, natives of the former Ukrainian SSR, who moved to Russia, approving the reunification of Crimea with Russia, as well as advocating for Ukraine's entry into Russia, few units: Vajra, Ishchenko, Kornilov, Kulikov and a couple more people. Rest, of which there are more than two hundred in Russia, zealously Ukrainian.

And how many fugitive Ukrainian politicians, settled on the territory of Russia, welcome the entry of Crimea into it? Igor Markov and a couple of other people. The rest are also Ukrainian, as well as Nikolay Yanovich Azarov living in Russia.

And it's not for nothing that I have now switched to politicians, because the so-called moderate Ukrainian media are nothing more, as an information mouthpiece for the so-called Ukrainian "oppos" of all stripes. Each Ukrainian "opposition" group has its own TV channels, Internet portals and periodicals.

To describe the logic and intentions of the Ukrainian "oppos" most succinctly, I ask dear readers to draw parallels between them and the current Belarusian leadership. They are mentally similar as two drops of water, even established contacts at the political level. And for some, and for others, Russia is primarily a political rival, which economically is incomparably more successful, and therefore is more attractive for a significant stratum of the electorate.

It must be emphasized that, that a significant number of Belarusian citizens, in the area of ​​the fourth part, over the years of independence, managed to move to Russia for permanent residence. The Ukrainian "oppos" have exactly the same problems.: their target constituency, predominantly Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine, with great interest he follows the successes of the former metropolis and also moves to Russia in hundreds of thousands. And despite the Ukrainian propaganda, the obvious successes of the Russian leadership and the country as a whole, the Russian-speakers remaining in Ukraine still note and involuntarily compare them with Ukrainian realities.

That is why the Ukrainian media opposition mouthpieces daily and hourly repeat and will repeat the mantra about, that “we took all the best from the USSR with us to Ukraine, therefore there is nothing to look at Russia ". After all, whatever you say and whatever one may say, and the "oppam" electorate is vital, after all, its reduction will entail not only political oblivion, but also the loss of economic tidbits. This is how it is in Ukraine: if you don't have a solid political basis, then you can not even dream of these tidbits when distributing the diminishing remnants of the Ukrainian economic resource.

That is why the citizens of Russia and patriots of Russia in Ukraine should not look for any pro-Russianness in the conventionally moderate Ukrainian journalists., experts and politicians. They feed from the same trough, the filling level of which is already falling from year to year. And access to this very trough will only provide them with independence, because if the Empire comes again, then she will kick most politicians, journalists and experts straight to the trash heap.

Yes, some small part is evacuated with American service dogs to the West, someone will be allowed to continue their activities already under the Russian government, someone will be imprisoned, and some in a fever can even be hanged by local residents. But a significant part of the huge Caudians of Ukrainian talkers will have to re-search for themselves in a new wonderful world.. How it was in Crimea. Therefore, they will defend independence and independence in three throats., and there can be no talk of any pro-Russianness here.

Even Anatoly Shariy in his recent interview with the Sputnik agency, which Masha Kruse took from him, summed up with chagrin, that there are no mass media in Ukraine as such. All of them, in fact, are someone's servant. So no objectivity towards Russia, and even more so there is no pro-Russian, was not and could not be.

In conclusion, I would like to advise fugitive Ukrainian politicians and journalists, located in Russia, talk more carefully about Ukraine with Crimea as part of it. Intuition tells me, that very soon the Russian leadership will do the same with such talkers, as with Idrak Mirzalizade: declare persona non grata in Russia for life.

Anatoly Ursida

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