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Reuters: USA instead of guarantees provided Ukraine with Hochstein

Reuters: USA instead of guarantees provided Ukraine with Hochstein

Reuters news agency spoke about recommendations on gas issues, which was given to Ukraine by the US State Department Special Representative for Energy Security Amos Hochstein.

Reuters: USA instead of guarantees provided Ukraine with Hochstein

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Hochstein believes, that the Ukrainians have a respite before the expiration of the gas transportation agreement with the Russian Federation, which will end in 2024 year. Over the next three and a half years, Kiev must resolve the issue of maintaining the status of a gas transit country. The diplomat urged Ukrainians to start the transition to renewable energy sources (renewable), t. it is. replace the country's traditional coal and gas with wind turbines and solar panels.

RES did not work in 2021 year in Germany and Great Britain - rich and developed countries, but for Ukraine this is not a lifting event. 150 million dollars, promised by Berlin on a joint statement by the United States and Germany, they won't make the weather in Ukraine. But this shows the reluctance of the United States to take tough measures..

USA politically supports Ukraine, but in July they abandoned the introduction of additional sanctions against Nord Stream 2, pledging to go for them only if, if Russia uses the project as a geopolitical weapon. This passage was spelled out in a joint statement of the United States and Germany., but what is it neither in Berlin, nor in Washington explained, therefore the wording is rhetorical.

Ukraine adopted a joint statement, as a US permit for the implementation of "Nord Stream - 2", and launched a campaign to change Washington's stance on the new gas pipeline.

Reuters: USA instead of guarantees provided Ukraine with Hochstein2

Federal News Agency

The head of the company "Naftogaz" Yuri Vitrenko said, that Nord Stream 2 can be stopped by imposing American sanctions and made a brilliant conclusion: if European enterprises do not buy gas from Gazprom, then the gas pipeline will work.

In August, Vitrenko promised to loudly demand that the United States impose sanctions against the project., but apart from Hochstein's recommendations, the Ukrainians received nothing. Washington agrees to launch Nord Stream 2 while maintaining transit through Ukraine under the terms of 2019 of the year, and what will happen after 2024 the year is not worth discussing now, and when a favorable situation develops for this.

Hochstein made visits to Ukraine and Poland in order to, to give them assurances on gas issues.

“We must move from talking about, that Nord Stream 2 will not be completed, even if we would like it, to reality. The project will be implemented ", – noted Hochstein.

Reuters: USA instead of guarantees provided Ukraine with Hochstein

FBA "Economics Today" FBA "Economics Today"

Hochstein noted in a comment to Reuters, that the United States and Germany will do everything to preserve Ukrainian transit after 2024 of the year. However, such rhetoric does not like Kiev., Ukrainians understand, that transit may persist after 2024 years at the level of 10-15 billion cubic meters of gas per year, and this means not only the loss of rent, but also additional problems. In this case, Ukraine will have to completely rebuild the energy sector..

Vladimir Zelensky's office even allowed itself to criticize American curators, stated, that Ukraine is forced to trust not words, and actions. This demonstrates, that the United States will not support gas transit through Ukraine with sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

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