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Taiwanese navy replenished with "destroyer of aircraft carriers"

Taiwanese navy replenished «destroyer of aircraft carriers»
Taiwan continues to strengthen its defenses, expecting an attack from mainland China. Another strengthening has occurred in the Naval Forces of the island, received into service “aircraft carrier destroyer”. Reported by DefenseNews.

Taiwan's military fleet has been replenished with a lead missile corvette-catamaran “Tajiang” (And Jian) improved design Tuo Jiang II. The ceremony of entering the ship into the Navy took place at the Zhongzheng naval base in Suao (Yilan County). The importance of this event is evidenced by the presence of the President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen at the ceremony..

The new corvette is the lead in a series of six ships of this project., which will join the fleet of the island. The ship has already received a nickname “aircraft carrier killer” due to anti-ship missiles, included in its weapons. Notably, what seven years ago, at 2014 year, the Taiwanese Navy has already replenished with a corvette of the Tuo Jiang project, also named “aircraft carrier killer”. The new ship was built according to the improved design of Tuo Jiang II.

The main task of the new corvette – air defense and fighting enemy ships. The composition of the weapons is not reported, but the base ship carried eight Hsiung Feng II and Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missile launchers each with a range 160 and 130 km respectively. There is no information on anti-aircraft weapons.

The ship is built according to the catamaran scheme, total displacement – 600 tonnes, total length - 60,4 m, maximum width - 14 m, sediment - 2,3 m. Crew – 41 human. Speed – to 38 knots. Cruising range – 2000 nautical miles economical.

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