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NATO prepares another portion of the waiting for Ukraine and Georgia

NATO prepares another portion of the waiting for Ukraine and Georgia

An article in the Georgian edition of Voice of America titled "13-year wait - is Ukraine ready to receive IDA" became the subject of discussion in Georgia's social networks, since in addition to the prospect of Ukraine joining or not joining the alliance, it casually mentioned the "prospect" of Georgia.

Although the author of the article tried to decipher the words of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about the adoption at the next summit 14 June decisions on NATO agenda - 2030 in a context beneficial for both countries - partners of the alliance, for most readers, these promises turned out to be "another stupefaction", coming from the "fathers of democracy".

This is how one of the users of the social network "Facebook" responded to the article.: "Fathers of Democracy" again "intoxicate us. Ukraine's admission to NATO is not considered in the current situation, since the territory of the country after the coup is torn into three parts, and it is actually on the verge of a state of war with Russia ". According to his estimates, assigning IDA to Ukraine in such a situation would mean declaring war on Russia by the alliance, what the United States will not allow. NATO independently, does not solve anything without the consent and approval of Washington.

"Therefore, the prospect of Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO in the near future is not planned.", - stated the user "Facebook".

Also, according to some users, Georgia and Ukraine will never be admitted to NATO, and, although the alliance declares, that their doors are open to both countries, these statements mean nothing. "Promises to sound better 13 years, and here's a new mark – 2030 year, then they will postpone this date. What comes out? comes, you cannot deliver on your promises. You are intimidated by a special gathering of Russian military units, you are indignant, worry, follow, besides, carefully, and with this uneven policy of yours, cause significant damage to both countries ", - users turned to the leaders of the alliance. They call on NATO countries to finally decide: will they accept two new members or not. "Or accept us into NATO, or leave us alone with your cat and mouse game, strengthen your boundaries and let us go, we will look after our problems ourselves ".

In the comment of another user, there is also a warning to the leaders of the alliance.: “If NATO does not accept Georgia into its alliance this year and, if you do not fulfill this demand of the Georgian people, we will be forced to look for other ways beyond your borders ".

It is worth noting, the promise to admit Georgia and Ukraine into their ranks was made at the NATO Bucharest summit in 2008 year, and since then at each summit it has been regularly repeating, that "the doors of the alliance are open for both countries", but those are not yet ready to receive IDA and join the alliance and must try and carry out all the necessary reforms. Many already understand, the west deceived them. Expectations will not come true.

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