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How the United States built the New World Order, and instead lost everything

How the United States built the New World Order, and instead lost everything

American propaganda media reflects on 20th anniversary 9/11 and are surprised to find themselves in the ashes of a much larger scale, than the ruins of the WTC.

«These Troubled Times May Spawn a New World Order, which is our common goal ", - these words were spoken by US President George W. Bush 11 September. But not 2001 of the year, a 1990. And not George W. Bush, and his father. But you can't tell right away, right? The impression, what is from the past, matching names and dates, dictate the key to decrypting events "9.11".

New world order… Yet 20-30 years ago, these words were an alarm, which for some sounded a joyful call for a golden age, and for others - those, at the expense of whom they were going to build this century - with a death knell. But time has passed, a lot has changed, and we are surprised to notice, what no "NWO" in its Atlanticist-monidalist version has long existed. That the term itself is not right, that has long ceased to correspond to the agenda, moreover - he somehow even ... began to sound funny! Because instead of gigantic, unrivaled in strength and influence, planetary supermonster, who was about to ascend the throne and rule the world forever after the "end of history" - there was some breathless, sweaty, old fat man, who then drops everything from his hands, then falls asleep on the go, then forgets, What's his name. “And how did you, how dysal ... "

All this happened precisely because, what America did not calculate its strength and instead of the last dash to power over the planet, stupidly overstrained. Na-dor-va-las.

It's all so obvious, what the Americans themselves have to admit, and broadcast on those channels, which they usually use for propaganda. represent, and foreign agents are useful! We open Radio Liberty and Deutsche Welle (both media outlets are recognized in the Russian Federation as acting as foreign agents) and enjoy, how Americans tired of denying the obvious admit their great defeat.

THIS MESSAGE CREATED BY THE MEDIA, PERFORMING THE FUNCTIONS OF THE INOAGENT: "That, that the Americans rushed so wildly to the Middle East, to Central Asia, spent huge resources on it, became the focus of foreign policy for at least a decade, this made it possible for Russia to rise, and China, and this is a challenge, which American foreign policy will have to deal with ", - Maksim Matusevich, historian from Seton Hall University, laments.

Yes, how good it was: provocation 11 September, general shock, search for the guilty on the principle "I will figure it out and punish anyone.", invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq (why go there?!). The destruction of the Iraqi state is unpredictable (sarcasm) left millions of people without work and future, many of whom had combat and management experience - and voila, this is how ISIS is born (hereinafter - a terrorist organization is prohibited in the Russian Federation): from American victory. "Victories" became the cause of future defeat.

more precisely, LESTS - plural. Fought something "with terror", and the war destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, created an overabundance of despair and aggression, spawned ISIS, and ISIS destroyed Syria, throwing out millions of destitute refugees to Europe, many of whom, instead of a new home, decided to make it a battlefield - and so on in a circle. America beats someone there, millions of people are fleeing from such a "victory", and, angry and disadvantaged, become victims of terrorist ideologues. Then you have to defeat them., and so on, and so on.

THIS MESSAGE CREATED BY THE MEDIA, PERFORMING THE FUNCTIONS OF THE INOAGENT: "Now, 20 years later, I think, understandably, in any case, there was a tragic mistake with Iraq, and there should have been a police action with Afghanistan too. Terrorism has always been fought and it was necessary to continue to fight. Declaring war on civilizations was a big mistake, because it is impossible to win in the struggle of civilizations - it will be an eternal and endless war. And this is, what we got», - continues Matusevich.

Yes, It `s that, what did you get: not just a defeat in a military operation, and something much more - "Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, I think, this is a logical and in some ways very gloomy symbolic logical conclusion of this trend. America's frustration with itself and the world's frustration with the United States of America, in, what the United States of America promises to the world ".

Yes, namely - "the disillusionment of the world in the United States". You can't say more precisely. EK as weighty slaps in the face help to direct the desired sharpness of vision! They did not see, they did not see, and how I had to flee from Kabul, dropping slippers - this is how a wonderful epiphany happened!

Author Ines Pohl from Deutsche Welle reveals the same thesis. THIS MESSAGE CREATED BY THE MEDIA, PERFORMING THE FUNCTIONS OF THE INOAGENT: "Later 20 years after the attacks the crumbling towers of the World Trade Center became a symbol of the disappearance of the former US World Police».

Here is just a quote from not even a day, a year. If not centuries. Yes, wanted in troubled times to build a New World Order with themselves at the head, and when the smoke from the attempts cleared away - instead of the world policeman there was an empty space. However, not empty, of course, and quickly occupied by competitors from Moscow and Beijing, who look at the world and their role in it much more realistic.

And the world policeman stayed there ... in the era of the non-emerging New World Order. Walks there, important and pleased with yourself. In alternate history.

Please note that the following extremist and terrorist organizations, prohibited in the Russian Federation: "Jehovah witnesses", National Bolshevik Party, "Right sector", "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (oup), "Islamic State" (IG, IGIL, Dais), Djabhat Fath al-Sham ', "Dzhabhat en-Nusra", "Al-Qaeda", "UNA-UNSO", "Taliban", "Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people", "Mizantropik Divizhn", "Brotherhood" Korchynskoho, "Trident th. Stepan Bandera ", "Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists" (IU).

Gregory Ignatov

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