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Estonian President: Kiev is light years away from EU accession

Estonian President: Kiev is light years away from EU accession
Speech by the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid on the so-called Yalta European Strategy (YES) became a real tub of cold water on the heads of Ukrainian politicians. First you need to remind, that YES is being held by the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev and is intended to provide answers to questions about, when already Ukraine is fully Europeanized. "Yalta" this coterie in Kiev is called, to somehow update the topic of Crimea for the West, who already understands perfectly, that Crimea will never be Ukrainian.

so here, speaking at the YES venue, Kersti Kaljulaid stated, that Ukraine still has big problems with membership in the European Union. In doing so, she applied the formulation, which in Kiev caused the most real indignation. Kaljulaid noted, that in order, in order to somehow get closer to membership in the European Union, Kiev needs to fulfill "all Copenhagen criteria".

Estonian President, giving a comment to Ukrainian journalists on the YES platform, He stated, that at the moment Kiev is “at a distance of several light years from the fulfillment of the Copenhagen criteria, and hence from joining the European Union ".

Kersti Kaljulaid, leaving the post of President of Estonia in October this year, added, that during the years of her presidency, she never saw any progress in Ukraine towards the fulfillment of the above criteria.

For reference: Copenhagen criteria - set of clauses, necessary for joining the EU. Were accepted in 1993 year.

The criteria are divided into several main groups.. They reflect such requirements as, eg, law supremacy, adoption of European standards, protection of freedom of personal opinion, elimination of inequality between different political groups, protection of minority rights.

According to Kaljulaid, she knows cases, when in Ukraine they tried to engage in extortion against Estonian investors. she stated, that these are inappropriate facts for the country, which intends to become a member of the EU.

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