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NATO promised to "closely follow" the Russian-Belarusian exercises "West-2021"

NATO promised «watch closely» for Russian-Belarusian exercises «west–2021»
Russia did not invite NATO to observe the launched strategic exercises “West-2021”, but the alliance will “very carefully” follow up, what's happening. This was announced by the official representative of the military-political bloc Oana Lungescu.

NATO again complained about the Russian Ministry of Defense, ignored all calls from the West for the admission of observers to the exercises “West-2021”. Attempts to point out to the Russian military, that they are obliged to attract Western observers to the exercises according to the Vienna Document 2011 of the year, in Moscow were ignored, persistent requests were answered, that the number of servicemen involved in certain episodes of the exercises does not provide for the participation of foreign observers. On this, as the saying goes, all.

Now NATO says, that all countries have the right to conduct military exercises, but Brussels would like “transparency”. And since the alliance was not invited to observe “West-2021” directly, then surveillance will be conducted from afar, but very “carefully”.

Not forgotten in NATO “warn” Moscow and Minsk about, what they should act “predictably” due to the resulting stress at the border. At the same time, Lungescu stressed, that if, if there is no dialogue with Moscow, then it can be established with Minsk.

Meanwhile, joint strategic exercises “West-2021” simultaneously started on 14 military training grounds in Russia and Belarus.

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