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US operation in Afghanistan “Enduring war” just started

US operation in Afghanistan
20 years ago, some Central Asian countries were active participants in the US-led military campaign against the Taliban *, now these same countries have restored diplomatic relations with them. Central Asia is on the cusp of a new era, and major players in the region stepped up diplomatic efforts.

China and Russia have huge economic and geopolitical interests in this part of the map.. Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping in a telephone conversation 25 August emphasized the importance of the early establishment of peace in Afghanistan and prevention “spreading instability to adjacent regions”. Two weeks later, the new masters of Afghanistan formed a government. The Kremlin said, that they will continue to monitor the actions of the new authorities, stressing, that the main threats, which come from Afghanistan, - drug trafficking and infiltration of terrorist groups.

“Establishing peace and preventing the spread of instability” – this is the exact opposite of, that American “Strategy” conceived long before 2001 of the year. Also in 1979 year under the Carter administration, operation was launched “Cyclone” - the CIA program for arming and financing the mujahideen against the left Afghan government. Ronald Reagan later met with the mujahideen, christened them “freedom fighters” and armed with anti-aircraft missiles “Stinger”. Bush Sr. continued in the same spirit.

US operation in Afghanistan
A photo: © Secretary of Defense DONALD RAMSFELD (case) talks about ongoing military attacks on targets in Afghanistan with General Richard Myers, Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff. TNS /

Clinton initiated preemptive strike tactics, bombing Afghanistan in response to attacks by the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. As for Bush Jr., we will do without unnecessary words. Obama dropped on Afghan soil 1337 bombs. Trump was fully supported only once by the US media - and it was about Afghanistan.. When he dropped this MOAB country, largest conventional bomb, ever used in combat. As if we really missed another mushroom cloud, rising into the sky…

At the end of August 2021, the United States closed the embassy in Kabul and transported diplomatic personnel thousands of kilometers away - to Doha (Qatar). Embassies of China and Russia, in front of, continued to work as usual. The embassies of Uzbekistan did the same, Pakistan and Iran.

“Taliban”* established good relations with Pakistan. Relations have been established with Iran. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit is scheduled for mid-September in Dushanbe, Where, probably, Iran recognized as a full member. Expected, that the main packages of aid and investments will come from the SCO, and Afghanistan will be fully involved in the system of regional cooperation in the field of economy and security.

US operation in Afghanistan
A photo: © Wahidullah Hashimi, high-ranking Taliban commander, talks to reporters during an interview at an unknown location near the Afghan-Pakistani border. REUTERS/Stringer

so, NATO leaves, SCO comes. This is a chance for Afghanistan to rise from the ruins, modernize and get rid of widespread poverty.

But the day after a telephone conversation between Putin and Xi, two terrorists set off an explosion outside the fence of the Kabul airport., where thousands of people flocked. Explosions claimed lives at least 170 man and 13 US military personnel, hundreds were injured. Responsibility for the terrorist attack through the Telegram channel Amaq Media, official ISIS news agency *, were taken by the militants of an organization banned in Russia. Shortly before this, the Taliban warned NATO about the terrorist attack, which is being prepared by the Khorasan * group - an ISIS unit in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

President Joe Biden pledges swift retribution: “All, who was involved in this attack, know: we will not forgive, we will not forget, we will hunt you down and make you pay”.

Reminiscent of the Bush Jr style, is not it?

Then some revelations about the attacks appeared in the media.. According to eyewitnesses and family members of some of the victims, a significant number of victims were shot dead by the US military in panic after the explosion. Ambulance worker, one of the first, who arrived at the place, I told, that many of the victims had bullet wounds in the chest. so, they were not killed by the explosion. The Pentagon did not comment on this..

28 August in Nangarhar province, on the border with Pakistan, the drone hit the zone, which is believed to be the site of ISIS-Khorasan *. The Pentagon claimed, that the strike killed two known terrorists, and another one is injured, but refused to disclose names or any other information.

The next day, the United States launched an air strike on a car in Kabul, a few kilometers north of the airport. Pentagon sources claimed, that there were several ISIS-Khorasan suicide bombers in the car, who were heading to attack American troops at the airport. Americans have struck, when the alleged fighters were in a residential area. As a result, ten civilians were killed.. According to reports, among the victims were 4 child and 2 men, previously worked in the Armed Forces of Afghanistan.

US operation in Afghanistan
A photo: © After the explosion in Kabul. Juan Carlos / Hans Lucas via Reuters Connect

Food for Thought: US military and intelligence failed to prevent attacks, but supposedly sorted it out instantly, where are the criminals.

We've never really heard much about ISIS Khorasan on the news.. Suddenly, just days before the withdrawal of American troops, they hit and killed not only Afghans twice, but also American soldiers. What a coincidence. Special, if consider, how convenient terrorist attacks with mass casualties are in order to, to justify the occupation of foreign countries.

The UN report states, that the number of ISIS-Khorasan does not exceed 2200 militants, broken into small cells. Most of them are not Afghans: Iraqis, Saudis, Kuwaitis, Pakistanis, Uzbeks, Chechens and Uighurs.

AT 2018 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced a rather serious presence of ISIS in the East of Afghanistan.

“We are concerned about, as, Unfortunately, US and NATO military in Afghanistan are doing their best, to silence and deny (this situation)”, - he said.

A few months earlier, the British BBC reported hundreds of ISIS fighters, who were given a safe exit from Syria in front of the Americans. Transit of militants was carried out using cargo planes, chartered by the CIA in Ukraine, and now ISIS-Khorasan has a full-scale presence in Afghanistan in just a few years.

The leadership of some Afghan provinces reported unidentified helicopters. Likely, these are helicopters, somehow related to NATO, and they flew to the areas, terrorist-related. In July 2021, the Russian President's Special Representative for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov at an online discussion at the International Club “Valdai” confirmed, that helicopters delivered weapons to areas, captured by ISIS, and that Russia has very specific information about cooperation between the US-ISIS contingent in Afghanistan.

Iranian government and Syrian state media SANA have also made similar accusations., and former Afghan President Hamid Karzai named ISIS-Khorasan “instrument” USA. Recently “Hezbollah” He stated, what “USA used helicopters, to save ISIS terrorists from total annihilation in Iraq and transport them to Afghanistan, to keep them as insurgents in Central Asia and use against Russia, China and Iran”.

That's the whole point: one of the seven poorest countries in the world is too important, to just leave her alone. Started in 2001 year after the attacks 11 September US operation “Enduring freedom” after the departure of Uncle Sam's army from Afghanistan, it smoothly moved to “An unbreakable war”. And this operation has just begun.

*– terrorist organizations banned in the Russian Federation.

Christian B. Malaparte

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