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Russian high-precision aircraft missile to destroy command posts will go for export

Russian high-precision aircraft missile to destroy command posts will be exported
The newest modification of the Kh-59MKM aircraft concrete-piercing missile will be exported, by the end of the year, Russia will deliver the first batch of missiles to a foreign customer.

Russia has entered into contact with an unnamed foreign state for the supply of new Kh-59MKM missiles. By the end of the year, the customer will receive a starter batch, the parameters of the contract are not disclosed. The rocket is currently undergoing final tests..

The first serial batch of the latest class missiles “air - surface” X-59MKM will be delivered to a foreign customer by the end of this year
– quotes RIA Novosti the words of a military-diplomatic source.

Upgraded version of a high-precision aircraft missile “air-to-surface” Kh-59MKM was shown this summer at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021. The missile is designed to destroy stationary highly protected ground targets with previously known coordinates, including command posts.

The tandem penetrating warhead consists of a cumulative precharge with a mass 40 kg and the main penetrating charge with a mass 320 kg. Installed navigation and automatic control system, no seeker in the bow. Launch mass – 930 kg, length 5,7 m, wingspan 1,3 m. flying speed 900-1050 kmh, flight altitude from 15 m to 2 km. Declared range – 285 km, rocket launch is possible at carrier flight altitude from 200 m to 11 km.

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