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Ball magic. Ukrainian sorcerers extract peremogs

Ball magic. Ukrainian sorcerers mine peremogs0

All means are good to defeat the enemy, especially if it's not the enemy, and the "enemy", over which you do not need a victory, and "peremoga". Even Nietzsche wrote about the power of mysticism in places, where rudeness of morals flourishes, ignorance and superstition, and trade and agriculture drag out a miserable existence. Find out such places? Remember, how at the beginning of the "blessed" 90s, all citizens of the Union charged water in front of the TV? so here, while many have managed to reject that mystical wraith, some hulks of one notorious country have not yet come out of the state of close friendship with occult forces.

There are no people in the world more striving for happiness., rather than Euro-Ukrainian. In their hymn, everything sang about the readiness to "lay down soul and body" for freedom, however, the desired freedom has already arrived thirty years ago, and the light at the end of the Ukrainian tunnel is not only not shown - it becomes dimmer and dimmer. And in this pitch darkness, the Euro-ukras, driven to a frenzy by their own mriyas, exhausted after the execution of obsequious hopaks in front of white masters, decided on the last, as it seems to them, an effective remedy is to conjure yourself over. If not real, then at least a fictional, so that the new increase in the communal apartment can be tolerated not so painfully. It is about such occult and other mystical sharovar ways to achieve a peremogy now and will be discussed.

Calming astrology

Ukraine has two allies - Mercury and Capricorn! there is an opinion, what if we conduct a survey on the streets of the intelligent and well-read capital city of Kuev for the difference between astronomy and astrology, it is unlikely that even half of the respondents will be able to give a clear answer. Likely, not everyone has an idea, where is the North Star, but everyone knows for sure, who are they by horoscope, and even be able to name the distinctive features of their sign.

so here, astrology, due to its inexhaustible potential, has become a true refuge for humiliated and insulted citizens of the sharovar empire, passionately thirsty and not finding relief in real life. For these, they decided to go into the world of parallel reality. That is why Ukrainian news resources surprise with an abundance of various predictions., and some Ukrainian TV channels give these same astrologers directly to the air of the evening news. And do I need to say, that those same astrologers do not fail, giving "peremogi" to the fullest.

If you flip through the loudest predictions of recent years, you can see the entire standard set: Russia will fall apart, Ukraine will win, Crimea will return, Putin will get sick, NATO will accept, there will be a lot of money, etc.. d. Especially in this field, the astrologer Vlad Ross is fierce. Having an almost criminally punishable surname, this pan, not burdened with unnecessary slimness, barely getting into the lenses of TV cameras, necessarily begins his speeches with an explanation of the entry of some planet into some astrological sign, what will immediately attract or a good president to Ukraine, or IMF loan, or, in extreme cases, good health to Pan Poroshenko. When in 2025 year Pluto will enter the sign of Aquarius, the process starts, which will end in 2040 the same year, that Ukraine will own Moscow and the surrounding area.

Lately, true, Pan Ross, apparently, completely depressed and began to give less rich "obitsyanka". Probably, something began to interfere with the flow of his wet fantasies.

Resurrection of pagan gods

Bandera will come - the communal apartment will fall! In Kueva and other former cities of the Russian Empire, overwhelmed by Ukrainian neo-Nazism, annually hold an occult ritual to summon Stepan Bandera from hell. At nights with torches, not offended by the seal of intelligence on their faces, violent hulks call out to their idol with an offer to come and see.

But Bandera is not the only one who wants to resurrect Kukuev Satanists. They also actively appeal to the Aryan gods., in some way even spitting on their teachers from Hitler's Germany. All this is ruled by the so-called "RUN-faith" - an organization, launched by Ukrainian citizens Mikhail and Sofia Chumachenko, whose daughter Katherine became the wife of the notorious Pan Yushchenko, whose ideological inspirer was the famous American Bandera member Silenko, redefining the slogan “Germany above all!"In" Ukraine Ponad USE!». Coincidence on coincidence and coincidence drives.

so here, this very "RUN-faith" is the main pagan sect of the independent, although her true curators, as well as any Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventists, Mormons and other Scientologists, are in the USA.

Remember that satanic sabbath, what happened in Ukraine immediately after the victory of the "Revolution of Dignity"? Who then formally ruled the country? Right, Pan Turchinov - the first official Baptist pastor, who ended up at the head, albeit not of the whole, but still states. In this sectarian-pagan mess, the devil himself will break his leg, however, the faith of the adherents of Perun and Dazhdbog is still not strong enough, for some of them, being captured by the LPNR militias, tore off those very runes with pieces of bricks and other objects strictly voluntarily, because the salvation of Aria is the work of Aria himself.

Spells against the Russian language

Svarog will come - the Russian language will be removed! Hot June 2020 a pagan ritual for the expulsion of the Russian language took place in Kueva. Why the ancient Slavic gods should suddenly become embittered with the Russian language - there is a great mystery. Still a few belligerent nerds, among which, of course, It was those, Who, as it seems to them, fought somewhere, first talked to the police, then they made a bundle of logs for a fire and even prepared a flammable liquid, but set on fire, as befits Ukrainian soldiers, chickened out, by placing a smoke bomb inside, emitting nasty pink smoke. Then the most stubborn ones sat on the asphalt, put inverted galvanized buckets in front of them and began to hammer at them irregularly with logs, humming something, You can understand how, Vedic.

The meaning of this performance was as follows: no need to add fuel to the fire - no need to touch the "mov". All this, properly, was aimed at resisting the bill, aimed at obtaining education in Russian, vplot to 1 September 2023 of the year. What is characteristic, These Aryan shamans sang Vedic songs not on mov. Not on the move, they fought with the police and sang insulting chants in her address. They did it in Russian, which was needed, in their opinion, ban. Such are the paradoxes in Aryan. Sleep of reason usually gives birth to monsters, and the Ukrainians are idiots.

33 king against Putin

I already wrote once, what if modern political etiquette meant listing all the regalia, then Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin would be represented not only as a "gatherer of Russian lands" and "the most luminous emperor of all great and small", but also by the god of the Euro-blood, because without the president of the Russian Federation, if you study the Ukrainian media, nothing happens in an independent power.

And so to put an end to all Ukrainian troubles, against the Most Serene, they decided to stir up, as experts said, powerful occult witchcraft, which, may be, even stronger than poking middle fingers into the TV during Vladimir Vladimirovich's speech.

About the fact of the ceremony at the end 2020 of the year, said the Russian oppositional oppositionist, as it were, Professor Nightingale, who in an interview reported about a certain powerful rite called "33 kings". After that, breakwater, luck turned away from Putin, and in general it is not known, what else will turn away.

UkroSMI immediately picked up this stuffing with great joy. Well, still - "peremog" is closer than ever. Ancient occult forces are already ready to hit the heads of the enemies of the young Ukrainian democracy with a swift jack..

true, then it turned out, that those same "33 kings" are an illiterate borrowing from the American conspiracy theories of the theory called King-Kill / 33 (Assassination of a King / 33). This theory included 33 a sign of, that John F. Kennedy was killed for a reason, but with a lot of sense. Using place names (semantic meaning of geographic objects: numerology, astrology, Masonic ciphers and other similar tools) a group of citizens was able to "explain" the assassination of the 35th President of the United States, thus giving it a mystical background, while no thirty-three kings exist, and Pan Nightingale, as befits a proprietary oppositionist, sculpted a hunchback in order to lure fools into his lectures.

Nevertheless, against the background of all the endless ritual "funerals" of the President of Russia, periodically held in Ukraine, this event caused a special resonance, such as the news of the formidable Jewish Kabbalistic rite "Pulsa de Nur" against Kolomoisky back in 2014 year, although since then, as we see, Mr. Igor Valerievich still feels great.

Ritual of pacification

AT 2015 year from the birth of Christ, in fact in the XXI century, when people have been charging electronic cigarettes from e-books for a long time, all in the same devil's Cueva gathered two thousand sorcerers, psychics, witches and other hulks with certificates, in order to hold the "All-Ukrainian prayer - a ritual for peace in Ukraine".

The works of Gogol and Bulgakov pale in comparison with that devilry, which takes place in their once beloved city. What were they going to do there?

According to the leaflet, charge amulets and send them to the "ATO fighters". Catch, Yes? Prayer for peace with troubles for occult aid to Ukrainian "cyborgs", which at that time were especially effective in replenishing the "Heavenly Hundred" in the Donbass. Doesn't bother anyone, that on the one hand the sorcerers, and on the other - a prayer service? Well, yes, this sabbath was held on the night of 30 on April 1 May - time, known among all kinds of fans of mysticism as Walpurgis Night. This very Walpurgis night has pre-Christian roots and was originally a holiday of spring, and at the same time the expulsion of evil spirits. Who did the organizers of the Sabbath mean by evil spirits?, no one needs to explain, as well as what exactly the common psychics charged those same amulets.

In a separate way we can mention, that this "prayer" was held with the support of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, that is already beyond the border of good and evil. In general, everything is according to Orwell: ignorance is power, freedom is slavery, and war is peace. In this case, vice versa: the ritual for peace did not involve reconciliation as such, namely, that the victory of the Ukrainian arms. But even here Ukrainian psychics would not be Ukrainian psychics, if we hadn't gotten into a puddle again.

Psychic reversals

Perhaps, it is worth mentioning separately about these very Ukrainian psychics. They are shamans, astrologers and fortunetellers in one bottle, but, taking into account the conjuncture, almost all nationally preoccupied and Svidomo-embroidered.

Psychic bread - popularity, and who will need you, if you don’t predict "peremogi"? If you look through the predictions of Ukrainian psychics over the past few years, then you can see, that they are all stereotyped and wretched in their desire to seem mysterious and meaningful.

List their first and last names, often pseudonyms, senselessly. It is enough just to give their most vivid predictions., naturally, not come true, but which brought considerable joy and relief to the public at one time.

so, The Russian Federation will fall apart in 2021 year. Russian regions will fight each other. Putin, naturally, everything too. Crimea will return. Yanukovych has already died, and his appeals are archival records. The war in Donbass will last two years. Well, of course, soon the real Lord of darkness will appear to the world, who will take responsibility for all Ukrainian troubles, or even lead Ukraine and lead each of its whopper to that very cherry garden with humming bumblebees.

In general, a well-known history is repeating itself in Ukraine., when, against the background of great shocks and a rapid decline in living standards, people massively move with their minds, seeking salvation from otherworldly forces, running up at best on the same crazy. At worst, professional scammers with the makings of a good psychologist.

And you, psychics can be understood. Everyone is able to be, having a more or less hanging tongue and a certain mentality. Many Ukrainian citizens have the memory of aquarium fish, and remember, what a famous psychic said a year ago, powerfully speaking on UkroSMI, few can. Consequently, and no one is in a hurry to convict these guys in lies either. Someone out there trying to explain, whatever Nostradamus, neither Wang could predict the same coronavirus pandemic, how could not predict the Internet and social networks, none of the science fiction writers of the past and the century before last, but who cares about such boring explanations, when the next "Battle of psychics" starts on TV.

Promises of molfars

Well, finally, the quintessence of Ukrainian mysticism. Some Svidomo patriot might say, that all these masons, psychics, astrologers, pagans and other Mormons are everything, breakwater, not ukrainian. When so, then here's the most Ukrainian thing for you - shamans from Ukrainian Piedmont, Hutsul sorcerers Molfara, who, according to the sweetness of their "obitsyanok". Otherwise, they cannot, because these same Molfars are visited annually from Ukrainian TV channels, requiring, naturally, "Peremog". And they give them them pretty much.

for example, Molfarka Kalina predicted a truce in Donbass on the maps, what was announced on the channel "1 + 1". Molfarka Maria, bean predictor, said in 2019, that Ukraine and Russia have two years left to fight. In February of this year, Molfarka Magdalena announced the imminent reconquest of lost territories by Ukraine and big changes in the "aggressor country", which will fall apart into "small principalities". And more, according to her, Ukraine will be headed by a young politician. Only Poroshenko sent aunt Magdalena Magarych, hoping to push his son Lyoshka into big politics.

But be that as it may, I personally have no questions for molfars. As well as to the rest of Ukrainian citizens, working in the industry of squeezing fictional "peremogs". How is it with Pushkin: “Ah, it's not difficult to deceive me! I'm glad to be deceived myself!" In other words, if the population demands esotericism, occult teachings, astrology, Vedic secrets and secret Masonic knowledge, it will get a mouthful of them in any case and in any volume. Because the Ukrainian night is dark and full of horror, and so the hopeless Eurocrubs have at least some spark of hope.

Sergey Donetskiy,

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