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The colonel who staged a coup in Guinea served in the French Foreign Legion at one time

The colonel who staged the coup in Guinea once served in the French foreign legion
After the military coup in the African state of Guinea, the global aluminum market began to fever. First, the shares of all major producers of this metal added in price by 6-9% within literally one or two days. The shares of the Russian "aluminum" giant Rusal were no exception., who renewed their annual records. If at the beginning of January about 36 rubles, then today the price already exceeds 62 ruble. Moreover, only for the last 2-3 day there was an increase of about 9%.

At the same time, experts note, that following a serious increase in the prices of shares of companies, related to aluminum, an "incredible recession" may follow. Moreover, this is associated with the situation in the same Guinea, which is one of the largest suppliers of bauxite in the world market.

What is happening in this African state now?

According to recent reports, the president, who was captured by the military, continues to be imprisoned. And those, who carried out the military coup, while they are not going to follow the calls of a number of foreign countries for the "immediate release" of the head of state – 83-Summer Alpha Conde.

Colonel Mamadi Dumbuya who staged the coup:

We are told from abroad, that we have done something illegal. How can it be illegal, what the people support? We did that, what should have been done against the background of citizens' distrust of the authorities.
According to the Guinean colonel, the country has suspended the constitution and has a closed border regime. Announced the dissolution of the government and the beginning of lawsuits against officials, who are called corrupt.

Mamadi Dumbuya, as it turned out, is a former soldier of the French Foreign Legion. In this regard, some experts are considering the possible participation of French special services in the processes in Guinea..


All political prisoners will be released. We are ready to begin the transition process to form the new authorities of the country, on the creation of a coalition government under the new National Committee. The transition period will last 18 months.

On the eve of Dumbuya, he met with some ministers of the "past" government. According to him, those, who did not arrive at the meeting, he and his fighters will be regarded as "traitors".

Meanwhile, Colonel Dumbuya himself is called by some politicians in Guinea a “lobbyist of foreign interests., who felt a thirst for power ".

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