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Serbia is considering the purchase of Israeli anti-tank systems Spike LR2

Serbia is considering the option of purchasing Israeli anti-tank systems Spike LR20
Serbia is considering the option of purchasing anti-tank systems Spike LR2, which in the future should replace the Soviet ATGMs in the troops “baby”. Belgrade's interest in Israeli ATGMs is confirmed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

According to published information, An Israeli company is involved in the promotion of Spike LR2 anti-tank systems together with Jugoimport-SDPR. According to the regional director of the company Al Zaher, currently Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is negotiating with the Serbian Ministry of Defense on possible deliveries of complexes.

In case of a positive decision, Israel will offer Serbia and other military products, including the new long-range anti-tank missiles Spike ER and Spike NLOS. celebrated, that the complexes produced by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems are in service with many armies of the world, including USA and Germany. by the way, they are also in the armies of Serbia's neighboring Croatia and Slovenia.

Spike - Israeli missile family, developed in the 1990s by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Spike is a multi-purpose, multi-platform electro-optic missile system, designed to destroy armored vehicles, protected objects and engineering structures, as well as surface targets and enemy manpower. The rocket can be launched in three main modes: “I fire and forget” (Fire and Forget), “shot, noticed and corrected” (Fire, Observe and Update) and “He shot and directed” (Fire and Steer). Spike missiles can be equipped with cumulative, fragmentation and combined warheads.

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