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Intellectual silence of Russia

Intellectual silence of Russia

In Russia, as never before magnificently celebrated 1 September. All significant persons for modern Russia spoke at the forum "New Knowledge" - from Vladimir Putin to Khabib Nurmagomedov. Forum - the fruit of the efforts of the reviving society "Knowledge", which for several decades dejectedly degraded along with other institutions symbolic for the Soviet era. by the way, already forgotten, what in 1947 year, when the rapid progress of domestic science began with a locomotive in the form of atomic and space projects, society "Knowledge" did not arise from scratch, and as a result of the transformation of the sad memory of the Union of Militant Atheists with all its material assets.

At the head of the supervisory board of the society "Knowledge" in 2021 Sergei Kirienko got up, whose years of stay in the system of the Ministry of Medium Machine Building and Rosatom have led to a rare understanding for our elite of the role of science for moving forward and upward. But, of course, to admiration for science, which in the 1960s was expressed in, that in the Polytechnic Museum the creator of the hydrogen bomb, academician Zeldovich, due to the pandemonium, was transferred to the podium in his arms, we are far away, how to Mars, sung by a cheerful lecturer in "Carnival Night". Although not much is found in the world of premieres, who could talk about futurological topics at such an intellectual level, like our Mishustin.

2021 year declared in Russia as the Year of Science and Technology. does it mean, that we will be able to raise science to the level, which meets our ambitions and ensures technological safety? As before, the general public will not name a single name of a living academician, although after the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, their number has doubled. And for the umpteenth time, among the autumn candidates for the Nobel Prize, our scientists cannot be found. Recently, the topic of the prize's political engagement has also faded away., and on the, that recognition from the time of the father of radio Popov has passed us by.

How quickly you can become an intellectual leader? China, for example, and earlier Japan, despite their colossal expenses, not without reason are accused of the general borrowing of other people's achievements. In Russia, almost all world-renowned scientists underwent training in Western laboratories and universities.. There is only one reverse example - the Nobel laureate geneticist Hermann Möller, who in the 1930s barely carried his feet away from the People's Academician Lysenko.

By historical standards, science and universities appeared in Russia quite recently., which largely determines its level, and also excuses traditionally cool, and sometimes even the suspicious attitude of the Russian authorities towards her. At the beginning of the 18th century, when Peter the First, ending the Northern War (do not confuse, like some, with the Seven Years' War!), established the first Russian university in St. Petersburg together with the Academy of Sciences, there were no students all over Russia. Professors invited from Germany invited German students from familiar families. Often, in fulfillment of the charter, professors had to go to each other's lectures., to fill empty audiences. A curious and unfamiliar phenomenon for Europe: the educational institution was created by the government before, how the thirst for knowledge was discovered in society. And why study, if even a century later Pushkin did not graduate from universities, but was considered an educated person! And Lermontov University did not pull, but condemned the greedy crowd at the throne.

The question of Russia's intellectual silence is one of the most painful and insoluble in our history.. Peter the Great openly and offensively pointed out the backwardness of Russia, which even after the adoption of Christianity "remained in the same darkness", before "the sciences in our fatherland are hindered by the negligence of our ancestors". Such unpatriotic revelations are impossible today., a freethinker would instantly be considered an extremist and declared an unwanted person. On the other hand, Jupiter is allowed more, than some Idrak Mirzalizadeh ...

However the question, given by Peter, remains. In recent years, no one, except for the eccentric hermit Perelman, to world science, Russia has not presented. What if, due to the mysterious nature, the Russian person does not need traditional universities, USE across the throat, and knowledge has different roots? Philosopher Georgy Fedotov, fled abroad in the 1920s, compared Russia with a “dumb girl, who sees many secrets with her own eyes and can only tell about them by signs. She was considered a fool for a long time only because, that she is wordless ". I think, many zealots of spiritual bonds would take a dubious image as a kind compliment.

But even earlier, in the epilogue to War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy said something similar, which the, by the way, also did not master the university: "Education, civilization, culture - all these concepts are unclear, undefined, under whose banner it is very convenient to use words, having even less clear meaning ". No, of course, and in our country there have been desperately brave, great scientific breakthroughs, but they always happened thanks to a large state order. This is what pundits are talking about today., when they nostalgically complain about the lack of demand for science. It is impossible to imagine the situation in Russia, when the head of Pfizer, Albert Burla, flatly refuses to take money from the president of the country to create a vaccine against the terrible coronavirus.

So be it. But for the state order, so that the funds do not go to sand, the competence of the authorities is necessary. Today there are doubts on this score.. For example, Minister Shoigu expressed an idea, comparable to Stalinist projects, - build several million-plus cities in Siberia. Many were horrified by the idea, seemed utopia. Someone thought, that the irreplaceable minister has detached himself from real life and does not know at all, how does the country live. But very soon, at the Eastern Economic Forum, an agreement was signed on the construction of the first millionaire in the Far East., which still needs to be populated 300 thousands of people. Who are these people, if annually leaves the region by 20 thousands of people?

Solution available. Prime Minister Mishustin at the New Knowledge forum spoke about the 4th industrial revolution, when cyber-physical systems and big data come into production. The revolution is already in the yard. Inevitably, familiar professions disappear into the past., how the lifters have already departed, typists, telephone operators, stenographers. The guards will be free soon, valet parking, cashiers, waiters, tour guides, drivers.

This unnecessary and idle audience should be sent in trains to the Far East.. What will they do there? Never mind. If it was important, then they would first create jobs, and people themselves would be in a hurry for a long ruble. And so let them go for the fog and the smell of the taiga.

Finally, Peter built a city in the swamps. For the mood, you can also allocate a hectare of land to each security guard and waiter. Let the watermelons spike and the cows suck ...

Sergey Leskov

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