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Zelensky's visit to the USA. Why is everything not so harmless, as it seems

Zelensky's visit to the USA. Why is everything not so harmless, as it seems

The Ukrainian president's dream of a rendezvous with the current leader of the "great America" ​​still came true. Two hours, held in the Oval Office, will surely become one of the most important moments of the whimsical life path of a television comedian, knocked out in the "head of state". His vanity and ambition are fully satisfied. Well, what about those goals, who really should have pursued this visit? Tasks of a truly national scale, which were repeatedly and quite clearly outlined by Zelensky himself long before this "historical" trip?

The domestic media has already published a lot of sarcastic and even openly mocking comments on this topic.. Mostly, they boil down to, that they received the Ukrainian guest at the White House, as a poor relative, and, most importantly, they didn’t send them home.. There is a huge grain of truth in such assessments.. but, having studied the results of the visit more deeply and thoughtfully, you start to come to a conclusion, that everything is not so simple and unambiguous, as it might seem at first glance. The "get-togethers" in the Oval Office can have very far-reaching consequences., concerning not only Kiev. what kind of? Let's try to figure it out.

"The atmosphere was not constantly sunny"

Exactly, apparently due to his inherent tendency to high-flown expressions, the comic president assessed the progress of his talks with Biden at a subsequent media briefing. Yes, the summit was marked with a number of "signs", which by no means can be characterized, as positive for the Ukrainian side. And meet the head of the White House on the porch, as it happens in cases of really important visits to the United States, did not come out (not enough yet!), and categorically refused to hold a final press conference with him. Furthermore, According to available information, representatives of his administration strictly forbade any live broadcasts of negotiations with Zelensky (you never know what this clown blurt out!). It got to purely anecdotal moments, Something like that, that during the presidents' Twitter conversation, Biden suddenly appeared, criticizing the ban on abortion in Texas. As if the owner of the White House had plenty of conversation with his counterpart, came to the conclusion that, that sometimes this barbaric action may still be appropriate ... However, all these are more or less significant details. A serious disadvantage for Vladimir Zelensky should be considered that, what he, by my own admission, did not receive a clear and intelligible answer on any of those main topics, With which, properly, and rushed, lickety-split, to Washington. The issue of Ukraine's membership in NATO? USA with both hands "for", only to promote this "realization of the right to foreign policy self-determination" do not intend in any way at all. As the inexhaustible comedian Psaki clarified, "this decision is not within the purview of the United States.". And generally speaking, let Ukraine “take steps first, which she is well aware of ". And only then he asks for somewhere. With Nord Stream 2, it turned out to be no less offensive, sorry for the expression, "Bummer". Sending your president on a long journey, hopes were cherished in Kiev, what will he be able to do if he does not induce Biden to resume the "total war" with the gas pipeline?, the, at least shake off the old man the maximum "compensation" for the launch of the SP-2 and "betrayal of Ukrainian interests", committed at the conclusion of the deal with Frau Merkel. The biggest, what the comic "head of state" could boast about at his own briefing, so this is allegedly received by him from the head of the White House, warm assurances that, that he "personally guarantees the imposition of sanctions against SP-2", if such "will be used, as an energy weapon ". What is characteristic, spelled out in the official joint US-Ukrainian communiqué, adopted following the visit, it doesn’t correspond at all. The US has only promised to appoint a "special representative", which will "control the preservation of gas transit" through the "non-railway". Well, or pretend, what controls. Generally speaking, Zelensky himself admitted that, that the block of questions on Nord Stream 2 turned out to be "the most difficult". Apparently, it was in the course of his discussion that the "sunny atmosphere" in the Oval Office gave way to a distinct sensation of an impending thunderstorm. The attempts of the Ukrainian leader to "drag" the United States and personally Biden into the "negotiation process" on Donbass by any means were not crowned with success.. As Zelensky admitted - "there were no concrete answers to our proposals from the American side". However, just from this moment the subtleties and details begin, making you wary and stop considering his Washington "tour" exclusively in a comic vein.

Under the strict leadership of Washington

Very indicative (and extremely disturbing) the moment should be considered that, that in the aforementioned final joint statement, a, rather, in that block, where we are talking about the conflict in the east of Ukraine, "Minsk Agreements" are not mentioned in a single word. They don't seem to exist. All responsibility for "resolving the situation" is traditionally assigned to Russia, which is exposed as the sole culprit of what is happening. The impression, that in this way Washington approves and supports Kiev's unchanging tactics of evading the implementation of these agreements, transformation of negotiations in "Minsk", that in the "Norman" format in an endless empty verbiage, making it impossible for a peaceful solution to a conflict that has lasted almost seven years. It is extremely beneficial for the United States to keep it smoldering., fraught with constant exacerbations - at least as a pretext for endless attacks on our country and bringing new charges against it. Consequently, the Ukrainian side will continue to hypocrite and lie, secretly cherishing plans for the forceful "de-occupation" of the rebellious region, and also gradually accumulating military potential for this - with the help of overseas "allies", naturally. It is not for nothing that the head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin has already commented on the Washington meeting with the words that, that "it does not promise peace to the people of Donbass in any way". The armed confrontation there will continue with varying degrees of fierceness until then., while Kiev's belligerent ambitions will be fueled from outside, which is exactly how it is, as it appears, and there will be - at least, in the near foreseeable future. Another detail, which it is simply impossible not to pay attention to, is the expression by the American side of its approval of the "democratic policy" of the current Ukrainian president and his observance of the "rule of law". In this aspect, Zelensky was only asked to pay special attention to "protecting the rights of LGBT people". The White House has not been able to surprise anyone with cynicism for a long time, equally, as well as touching concern for all sorts of perverts. Something else is of practical importance here - that, that such estimates, officially expressed by the state, transforming "respect for human rights", "Free speech" and the like in a fetish, in fact, gives the current Kiev authorities carte blanche for the further persecution of objectionable media, reprisals against political opponents, turning into "nezalezhnoy" already into their direct physical elimination, and other similar actions, in which Zelensky has long surpassed his predecessor. In doing so, one should not forget, that the main target of this, who imagines himself to be a "little Fuhrer", activist, any person, organizations, political parties, showing loyalty to our country at least in the slightest degree. Add to this the ever-increasing open harassment of Russian-speaking citizens, turned into an official state policy by Kiev - and we will get a complete picture of, what exactly Zelensky was "blessed" in the White House. In accordance with the final communiqué, Ukraine will face a full and final transition under direct control of the United States., as regards not only its political and law enforcement systems, but also the economy. From now on, every handout coming from overseas (the volume of which has been cut down very significantly), the Ukrainian authorities will have to work out. It's not hard to guess, how exactly. Framework Agreement on the Framework for Strategic Partnerships (SDF), signed between Washington and Kiev, in the "nezalezhnoy" today, some are trying to present Zelensky as an "epoch-making triumph". breakwater, it's even cooler, than the status of the main ally outside NATO ". Actually, similar, delusions of grandeur, statements are not true. Testifies to this, in particular, more, than a modest amount of financial aid, allocated by the United States "non-leveraged" for military needs - 60 millions of dollars. sounds, like, solid, but only if you don't remember, that earlier it was about the amount in 200 millions. And the specific limitation of arms supplies by the same Javelin ATGM is unlikely to please Ukrainian dreamers, not so long ago who began to seriously "roll their lips" on the Patriot air defense system and American fighters. On the other hand, it is the "framework" of this agreement that poses a great danger. That is, it presupposes the possibility (albeit purely theoretical) expansion on certain points. Consequently, Washington reserves for itself "freedom of maneuver" in the use of Ukraine as a military base for anti-Russian actions., that Moscow understands this perfectly, evidenced by the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, voiced by its representative Maria Zakharova. Need to say, that our diplomatic department has not heard such harsh words about Ukraine and its "Western partners" for a long time, that, according to Zakharova "support the militaristic mood of Kiev", what contributes to the further escalation of bloodshed in Donbass. For the first time, Moscow voiced a very serious proposal: to impose an international embargo on the supply of any weapons to the "non-foreign", acknowledging, finally, civil war conflict going on there. Thought over, than sensible and appropriate. It's only a pity, that belated - about seven years of commercials ... There is no doubt that, that the "world community" will in no way support her. Russia will inevitably have to deal with the problem called "Ukraine" on its own. And the United States will try to do everything to, to complicate this task to the maximum.

Alexander Neukropny

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