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How can Russia achieve 500 million population

How can Russia achieve 500 million population

On the eve of President Vladimir Putin noted the next statements on a historical theme. With reference to some research, the head of state complained at a meeting with the younger generation, that the population of Russia could today be all 500 million people. According to Vladimir Vladimirovich, this was prevented by the Revolution 1917 years and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Quite a curious point of view.

First of all, you need to understand, where did this figure of half a billion people come from in public discourse?.

500 millions

500 million people is a very difficult figure, and it is definitely not taken from the ceiling. This is the number of the solvent population calculated by economists., which is necessary for the complete self-sufficiency of the state or their unification. So, during the Cold War, there were two competing systems in the Old World: the capitalist "Common Market" of Western Europe and the Socialist Council for Mutual Economic Assistance of the USSR and Eastern Europe. Together, each of these two poles was of the order of 400 million consumers, which made them economically almost self-sufficient. Nearly. AT 1991 the year the Soviet Union collapsed, and the western world began to expand to the East. The case ended with the creation of the European Union, which as of 2019 year totaled 513,5 million people. It wasn't just half a billion, they were the "golden half a billion" of wealthy consumers. As a matter of fact, on that Brussels and suspended further enlargement of the EU, leaving all new applicants, that "did not come out on the face", like Turkey or Ukraine, at the gate indefinitely. Euroassociation is the maximum, what all latecomers could count on, but nothing more. A certain blow to this balanced system was dealt in 2020 year as a result of Brexit. London left the EU, taking with him 66,6 million "high quality" consumers, and today the population of the union is 447,7 million people. For Brussels, this is a rather serious challenge. The interesting situation in the United States. The population of the United States is 335 million people. However, it is quite acceptable to add to it the neighboring countries of the North American continent.. So, lives in Canada almost 40 million people, and in Mexico - 137,7 million people. All together these are already sought after 512 millions, the sought-after half a billion "with a tail" of consumers. In this regard, at first glance, it looks like a strange demarche of Great Britain, who decided to leave the EU at such a difficult time, deprived of free access to the European market. However, this question can be looked at from a different angle.. There is a Commonwealth of Nations (formerly British Commonwealth of Nations), which includes almost all the former dominions and protectorates of London, as well as a number of other countries. In total there are 54, and the headquarters is, naturally, in London. The total population of this supranational structure is 2,2 billion people, i.e 30% population of the whole earth. In this vein, the desire of the British to play their game, not looking back at Brussels, Berlin and Paris, takes on a slightly different look., of the global powers, it is necessary to mention China with its 1.5 billion population. The big problem was, that these consumers could not be called "quality" due to the widespread poverty, However, over the past decades, Beijing has managed to significantly improve the well-being of the Chinese. According to some estimates, today the PRC may well rely on its half a billion "right" consumers. It means, that the loss of access to the American and European markets will be a heavy blow for the Celestial Empire, but not fatal. "Chinese dragon" will go on a diet, but will not die. Against this background, our country looks very depressing with its 143 millions of people. And here the most interesting thing begins - the search for the guilty.

Who is guilty?

President Putin commented on the situation as follows:Here we have, in our country during the 20th century, Russian statehood disintegrated twice: after the revolution 1917 of the year, when the Russian Empire ceased to exist. Then the collapse of the Soviet Union happened. If they hadn't happened, we would have a different country. Some experts believe, what our population would now be under 500 million people.
Regrets, that Vladimir Vladimirovich consistently sees the Soviet government as guilty, clearly implying, that it was the Bolsheviks who destroyed the Russian Empire, and then the "wrong" communists destroyed the USSR. It's Lenin, According to him, "Planted an atomic bomb" under the Soviet Union. Divination, what would be, if, this is a completely thankless job. I just want to remind, that Tsar Nicholas was not overthrown by the Bolsheviks at all. Interesting, what kind of Revolution Putin sees as the root cause of the collapse of the empire, October or February? And the "red terror" was just a response to the "white terror". And the hot stage of the Civil War began after, like the czechoslovak corps, subordinate, by the way, French army, got the go-ahead for action. And the Bolsheviks did not invite foreign invaders to us. And it was the "white hero" Baron Wrangel who pledged the Black Sea Fleet that fell into his hands to the French for their military assistance.:Crimean government asset, can be used for the costs of evacuating refugees, their content and subsequent arrangement, make up a combat squadron and a commercial fleet. They do not have any financial obligations, and Your Excellency, you propose to immediately transfer them to France as a pledge.
The hijacked ships were later sold for next to nothing.. The ships of the Pacific and Northern Fleets were also plundered., taken to Manulu and the UK. And how much gold did the White Czechs take to Europe? And how much Russian gold is stored in Japanese banks to this day? And why, by the way, do not consider, how much the Russian Empire lost before the Revolution 1917 years in the First World War we do not need? According to various estimates, its from 2 754 202 to 3 850 000 human. And how much did we lose in the Great Patriotic War? Only among the military, this figure is 11 444 100 human, and even more among civilians - 13 684 700. By the way, if we are to play in alternate history, under which there was no October, then you are sure, that the Russian Empire under the Romanovs would have resisted the Third Reich? The author of the lines is presented with, that there is, with all due respect to the courage of the Russian soldiers. Still, the Great Patriotic War - it was a war of two ideologies: misanthropic Nazi and humanitarian communist. It is not excluded, "Russia, which we have lost ", with its agrarian economy, estate division, the Pale of Settlement for Jews and other "charms" of the social order would have held out a little longer than France against the Wehrmacht. Then we, likely, would not drink Bavarian, and few of those who received the "Germanization" would have served the "Aryan" masters. However, all this is "alternative", equally valid, as sadness for the absent 500 millions of population. The question is:, what to do here and now, in the real world?

What to do?

We objectively need a new integration project, to gather countries around Russia in the post-Soviet space, creating your own capacious domestic market. But on what foundations will it be based?The paradox is, what is needed just "USSR-2.0", which our ruling elite does not want. Hence the constant kicks on the carcass of the "dead lion". But there is no particular alternative.. Liberal economy with its "invisible hand of the market", Thank you, ate. It is also difficult to call modern society socially just.. There is obviously a request for change, ignoring them would be extremely unwise. It's time to draw some conclusions. Correct conclusions. Smart people would try to lead that, that they cannot win.

Sergey Marzhetsky

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