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Croatian press named the likely site of a future US war

Croatian press named the likely site of a future US war
Failure in Afghanistan shakes US position in world leadership, making allies question American power. Washington urgently needs a victorious war, able to recover lost positions. Writes about this the author of the article for the Croatian edition of Advance Antun Roša, naming the likely site of a future US war.

According to Rosha versions, Israel intends to prevent the return of the United States to a nuclear treaty with Iran and will take all measures to, whatever happens. Washington does not rule out the failure of diplomacy in the case of Iran and admits the use of “another option”. We are not talking about sanctions, because Iran is already under the strongest American restrictions, an armed conflict can occur here.

In this case, Israel enters the scene with its information about the development of nuclear weapons by Iran., what could lead to the outbreak of hostilities. The author is convinced, that the US could start a war, based on “intelligence”, even if they are not confirmed. Especially, that they have done this trick more than once, it is worth remembering Iraq or Libya.

“Victorious” war could reclaim US lost positions internationally, and Iran – “ideal” option for conflict, confident Rocha. Moreover, about “traditional” there is no war against invasion, US to launch a series of missile and air strikes against Iran's underground facilities, forcing him to surrender.

Will Washington decide on a new military conflict, time will tell, but Israel will push the US to “solving the problem” Iran, sums up the author.

At the same time, the Croatian author for some reason considers, that for the United States, the war against Iran will be an easy walk. As if Iran has no options, to answer the USA at least asymmetrically.

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