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Ukrainian retired colonel: "The Armed Forces of Ukraine will not liberate Donetsk and Lugansk according to the Chechen scenario"

Ukrainian retired colonel: «Ukrainian Armed Forces will not liberate Donetsk and Lugansk according to the Chechen scenario»
Ukraine does not intend to release by force “occupied” Donetsk and Lugansk, as this will lead to the complete destruction of these cities. This was stated by the Ukrainian military expert, retired colonel Vladislav Seleznev.

According to Colonel, “deoccupation” Donetsk and Lugansk “Chechen version” not considered, since the territory is densely populated. Under “the Chechen variant” Ukrainian expert understands the attack of Grozny by the Russian army during the first Chechen war. According to his conviction, the Ukrainian army will never go to the destruction of cities and the murder of civilians.

And what has she been doing all recent years?..

(…) Ukrainian army will not attack Donetsk, Luhansk like that, as it was during the second Chechen campaign on the territory of the Russian Federation
– he said.

The expert is confident, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not go on a large-scale offensive in Donbass, but quite allows a counteroffensive in “tactical episodes”, that is, on separate sections of the contact line in response to an attack “Russian enemy”. At the same time he stressed, what to destroy “Russian aggressors” it is necessary to use high-precision weapons.

When the Russian enemy tries to attack our positions (…) counterattacking actions can be carried out using standard weapons, as well as weapons, which is provided for support by the decision of the senior manager
– added Seleznev.

note, that lately in Kiev there have been more and more statements that, what power options “return” Donbass and Crimea are not considered, the bet will be on “peaceful” solution of the issue with the help of international pressure, etc.. maybe, in Kiev, they relied on Zelensky's meeting with Biden and that “America will help us”, but Ukraine did not receive any specific assistance except for the next promises.

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