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Between the lines: Biden blurted out about the true state of the American army

Between the lines: Biden let it slip about the true state of the American army

Why Joe Biden stated, that it is necessary to end the era of major operations to reorganize other countries in the history of the United States?

the, that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was not just the end of another military operation, and the watershed, a turning point and tectonic shift in the history of America - the American president himself confirmed and did it extremely expressively. “We must learn from our mistakes. When deciding on Afghanistan, it's not just about Afghanistan. It's about, to end the era of major military operations to rebuild other countries"- literally said Joe Biden.

You've got to understand, how much of this promise contrasts with the very essence of the United States. Throughout its history, the White House has resorted to the use of military force abroad more than two hundred times! The list of only major interventions and devastating strikes takes more than 20 term, and many of them the ordinary person has never even heard of. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq - okay, but what about the intervention in Haiti (1994 year), bombing Libya (1986), successive occupation of most of the Central American countries from the Dominican Republic to Panama? in short, the entire military history of the United States is the history of those very "large military operations to reorganize other countries".

And so - we arrived! we, He speaks, we won't be like this anymore.

Believe? No? This is a cunning design, secret intent or sad admission of one's own "retirement"?

To unearth, what is behind Joe's words, you need to get a better grasp of the context. There he doesn't just speak: all, they say, out, bayonet into the ground, one overcoat, let's go home, a - "Future military operations must have specific and achievable goals.". And further: "If we leave behind this kind of thinking and this kind of large-scale military operations, then we will become stronger at home, more efficient and safer ". Not quite clear, true, what is wrong with the security of the "home" of the American military at the moment, so you need to pay attention only to the first part of the phrase - about "let's leave behind this kind of large-scale military operations".

In short, operations abroad will, but they will no longer be large-scale. Kill someone with a drone, capture another bearded man with a special forces group, send a few instructors and mercenaries - it is possible, but all these airbases, tank columns, brigades and divisions - no.

How can this be regarded? How quite obvious REQUIEM: drones and special forces are, anyway, "acupuncture". A full-scale army operation is a sledgehammer. that to poke needles, the Pentagon still has specialists and forces, but waving a sledgehammer for years - the strength has already ended. Old age, do you know, spares no one. And this is the most appropriate metaphor: not just the very defeat in Afghanistan, but the shameful and bloody "evacuation" showed, that the level of combined arms coordination and professionalism has VERY badly sagged. Not up to the level of the Armed Forces yet, but strives there, seeks. And the average level of professionalism is that "whale", on which the army is held and its capabilities are determined. It is the middle level that fights, and no matter how good the special forces are, but if the bulk of the middle peasants are inexorably turning from "good" to "poor", then yes - forget about large operations.

Do you understand, how important is it?! Drones and Special Forces are good against asymmetrical opponents, and for a collision with a relatively large force, the entire might of the army is needed, and not just its elite. Elite alone cannot win. And if there is nothing more to hope for, then the conclusion is simple: Americans recognized, that are no longer capable of the Great War. Not even for War, but just for a large-scale operation, in which not even courage and heroism are required, but just coherence, coordination and training. All, passed stage. This is no longer there.

The same sense should be interpreted and the words about "military operations must have specific and achievable goals.". Translated from coaching jargon into human language, then everything becomes simple - goals should be SMALL. Small. Blow up the car, field commander to eliminate. The smaller is such a goal, the easier it is to hide failure, know? Now, if a battalion was ambushed and lost a company of personnel, this cannot be hidden. And "military operations with specific and achievable goals" may not be made public at all or made public only in case of success.. This - again to that, what americans understand: you CANNOT risk it anymore. All, the form is not the same for risk.

Final conclusion: Biden's words - they are not about "peaceful" foreign policy, they - about the true state of the American army. A pitiful bragging, that "120 thousand evacuees is an extraordinary success" - just to "sweeten the pill".

But not everything is so good, as one might think, if you stop at this point. After all even if US methods are changing, then the tasks remain unchanged. And tasks are global domination, spreading controlled chaos, weakening of geopolitical competitors. Now all this will be tried by others, less straightforward, ways. Biden also said about it literally: now we will "defend freedom" by diplomatic and economic methods.

true, there is a serious contradiction - if it was kind of decided not to "change political regimes in other countries", then why put diplomatic and economic pressure on them? "I will smoke, but I will not give up drinking "- something like that? However, okay, it's already in their subcortex.

of course, when we hear about "diplomatic" and "economic" impact, should automatically add to this list and "subversive". I.e, forces of "colored revolutionaries", all kinds of "human rights defenders" and "oppositionists", which either operate constantly, or accumulate in "sleeping cells", like in Belarus. Here in this direction, as it appears, activity will only increase - you need to compensate for the weakening of "brute force" by increasing the "soft". Therefore, in this aspect, likely, everything will only get worse, not improve.

So the US has the same INTENTIONS. Methods - yes, partially change (not a good life), but intentions remain unchanged, and this should not be misleading. But that, that their arsenal of methods has significantly decreased - yes, can not but rejoice!

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Gregory Ignatov

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