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What should be the new cities in Siberia

What should be the new cities in Siberia0
Information appeared in the domestic press that, that within the framework of the urban planning initiative of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, the forgotten Soviet project of the city of Electrograd in the Minusinsk Basin can be revived. Abstract ideas and good wishes begin to take on very specific forms., therefore we will add to them our "five cents".

First of all, I would like to explain, why we support Sergey Kuzhugetovich's proposals so strongly. The thing is, that this is the first global and positive project for the internal development of Russia. How many years have we written with bitterness and lamented, that petrodollars are continuously withdrawn from our country, stimulating the economy of our direct competitors, if not to say, enemies. How many times have we voiced concerns, that as a result of the creeping expansion of immigrants from the PRC, Russia may actually lose territory beyond the Urals. And so, finally, sound initiative announced, aimed at the development of Siberia and the Far East. And this is not about the construction of some next pipeline., through which oil and gas will go to China or Europe, but about the project of new cities for ourselves, Russians. Well, how can we not support this initiative of the minister of defense?Let's try to look a little into the future. Future, his image, It `s that, what is so lacking in modern Russia. We have no ideology, not any super task, which the state and society should strive for. We're just going with the flow, and our neighbors in the CIS are scattering to the sides. But this urban planning initiative of Defense Minister Shoigu is a chance to shape the image of Russia of the future., prove to everyone, that we can put things in order at home and become a new center of unification. We can build new cities, absorbing in them the best of what has already been invented and created by others, and then they will become the prototype of the gradual renewal of our country. But how to do so, to make Electrograd desirable for Russians? After all, it is not at all easy to motivate a person to move from their native places to a completely uninhabited city.. The main condition, as it seems to us, there should be a cardinal difference between Electrograd and all other settlements in Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. A new city in Siberia should include all the best, what has been created by man today. It is by becoming a "dream city" that it will be able to attract hundreds of thousands of Russians, and technologies and solutions, which will be applied and worked out during its construction, in the future may be extended to other cities of our country.

Smart cities

Implementation of artificial intelligence technologies (II) into the urban environment is one of the most demanded global trends. The goal of a smart city is to improve the quality of life of its population by increasing efficiency in literally everything. Connected in a single information network, hospital, school, library, law enforcement, power, utilities and other services will allow consumers to rationalize their financial costs and waste of time, this invaluable resource. By automating public services, the number of bureaucrats can be drastically reduced, perhaps, multiples. Life will be easier, will accelerate and become safer. Not the last important decision here will be the introduction of unmanned vehicles., as a railway (trams and metro), and wheeled (regular buses and taxis), as well as full coverage of the settlement by communication of 5G and 6G standards.

"Green cities"

Currently, the global struggle for the environment is dictating new standards. We can make new cities, have a minimal "carbon footprint". Public transport needs to be made electric, and completely exempt owners of electric vehicles from transport tax. Whole areas can and should be built initially as pedestrian, free of cars. Instead, create a whole network of bicycle and electric scooter paths. Create a green park in the center of each new district. Build energy-efficient residential buildings no higher than five floors, and high-rise buildings and skyscrapers can only be left in the business center. It will also be necessary to introduce technologies for the treatment and reuse of wastewater.

Sustainable cities

When building new cities, it is possible and necessary to take into account the chronic diseases of Russian megacities. Who is not tired of being, that every summer they turn off the hot water, to use funds for the "repair" of heating networks? In the same Germany, there are no annual water cutoffs at all.. Nothing prevents you from laying pipes once, which will serve for more than a dozen years; lay asphalt, which even in Siberian realities will not have to change for years 15-20. And we have such technologies. Russia is quite capable of bringing the quality of urban infrastructure to a completely different level, which today is inaccessible even to Western countries., to implement all these plans, competent and honest managers are needed. At the same time, the introduction of an electronic construction management system, and later by the city itself, will ensure rational spending of budgetary funds, and also protects private investments. New town, if he is like that, as we described above, will undoubtedly improve the international image of our country, will be a new chapter in her story, and will also launch a large-scale program to improve the quality of life in Russia.

Sergey Marzhetsky

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