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US withdrawal from Afghanistan: defeat, but not military

US withdrawal from Afghanistan: defeat, but not military

Americans left Afghanistan. 31 August 2021 of the year, almost through 20 years after the entry of the US Army and the troops of its allies into this country, the last American soldier left Afghan soil. "Taliban" (the movement is recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and is officially prohibited) and all conservatives sympathetic to him, traditionalists and fundamentalists celebrate victory.

In reality, America this war, of course, did not lose. She just left Afghanistan. At the same level of losses, which took place in this America's longest military campaign, The United States could have continued it for as long. Americans for 20 years of war, according to official data, lost less 2,5 thousand. military and civilian; the number of killed Taliban members during this time, according to various estimates, was 30-35 thousand. human. Total Afghan deaths, including military government army, as well as civilian casualties, according to some, reaches 55 thousand. human.

However, you need to understand the main thing - America ended this war not because of a military defeat., whom, as we see, did not have, but for purely internal reasons. This war was beneficial to the military-industrial complex of the States, but not popular with Americans.

Nevertheless, the result of the American invasion and twenty years of occupation of Afghanistan was the establishment here, at least in big cities, democratic order. Millions of Afghans have gained experience in open public policy during this time., learned and used to, that there is such a political system, where you can criticize your government and not go to jail for it. Half of Afghanistan's population - women - have the opportunity to study and work, make a career in modern enterprises, universities and institutions and generally feel like full-fledged people. Now it's all over ...

The war and its end are outwardly quite similar to the Afghan campaign of the USSR Armed Forces in 1979-1989. and the withdrawal of Soviet troops. The only difference, that the Soviet army lost there in almost ten years of fighting 15 thousand. military, and the American one in twenty years - 2,4 thousand. human. (In fairness, we note, that during the Soviet invasion, the Mujahideen were supplied with modern weapons on a huge scale by the special services of Western states under the patronage of the United States, and during the American campaign, no country was caught in military aid to the Taliban). The total losses of the population of Afghanistan from the war with the USSR, according to various sources, are estimated from 600 thousands to 2,7 million people ...

And the USSR, and the United States brought secular regimes to Afghanistan on their bayonets (this is also similar) and their political systems are completely different. Moscow has formed and supported the same political system in this country., which took place in the Soviet Union. That is, the regime of a one-party dictatorship with a life-long leader at the head. Americans brought a multiparty system, turnover of state leaders through elections and bourgeois rights and freedoms.

And through 20 years the US left and abandoned Afghans in the name of Americans. Nevertheless, note, that the US army withdrew from Afghanistan with dignity, don't panic, in strict accordance with a schedule previously agreed with the Taliban. Evacuation by the Americans in a matter of days in extreme conditions 123 thousand. educated Afghans, who see no future for themselves, not for their children in the country, where the regime of medieval theocracy will reign, - this, in fact, feat. On photos, flown all over the world, it is seen, that military transport aircraft C17, preparing for takeoff from Kabul airport, were packed with people to the eyeballs. In order to take out the maximum number of sufferers to escape from the rule of the Taliban, the American military completely dismantled and threw even the chairs out of the planes ...

but, despite the epic nature of this operation, hundreds of thousands of other Afghans, who would like to escape from the current Afghanistan, now locked up in the country. In the future, in order to travel abroad, even if the Taliban, as they now promise, and will release their fellow citizens abroad, most of those who want to simply do not have enough money.

However, more than a hundred thousand Afghans are not admired by the American army's operation to evacuate. It turned out the other day, what to lock up millions of Afghan citizens, who have tasted the fruits of freedom over the twenty years of the pro-American regime, make them restricted to travel abroad in their country, as it was in the USSR, not only the Taliban want.

for example, Chinese and Russian delegations abstained from voting in the UN Security Council resolution, dedicated to Afghan refugees. One of the reasons for this decision was voiced by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vasily Nebenzey: “During the talks, we emphasized the inadmissibility of the negative consequences of the evacuation of qualified Afghan personnel for the socio-economic situation of Afghanistan.. In the context of a brain drain, the country will not be able to achieve the sustainable development goals ".

Translated from diplomatic, this means: in Moscow and Beijing, looks like, sure, that Afghan brains are obliged to work for the Taliban, whether they want it or not, that educated citizens must be forced to work for the regime of medieval obscurantists. Such is the international solidarity of conservatives and traditionalists of all countries ...

Despair and indignation of US President Joe Biden about, how quickly the American-backed regime collapsed, understandable. Hundreds of billions of dollars in US military and civilian aid to Afghanistan stolen, 300-thousandth government army, armed with first-class weapons, crumbled in front of several tens of thousands of Taliban with "Kalashnikovs", like a house of cards, in just a few weeks.

here, of course, you can philosophize on the topic with the air of a connoisseur, which regime is better - pro-Western kleptocrats or traditionalist theocrats. A challenge for Russian liberals, who in the late 1980s - early 1990s tirelessly quoted Joseph Brodsky: "The thief is dearer to me, than a bloodsucker "...

For the umpteenth time, and not only in Afghanistan, bloodsuckers come to power thanks to thieves, that, robbing their own people, discredit the very concept, spirit and content of democracy ...

As noted above, America did not lose this war militarily, but lost it politically. However, like many defeats in general, this, undoubtedly, will do her good. It will at least free up significant resources for internal development and confrontation on the world stage with others., much more dangerous, than the Taliban, opponents.

Taliban victory, in front of, will prove to be pyrrhic for Afghanistan. Peace, to which they want to return their country, - this is the deep middle ages, oppression of women, primitive industry and the immobile power of the mullahs. Are the Afghan people ready for such degradation or will they fight for their future?, time will tell. In the meantime, many are watching the reports from the Panjshir Gorge with hope..

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