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"Russian military shipbuilding has surpassed all of Europe": French press on the revival of the Russian Navy

«Russian military shipbuilding has surpassed all of Europe»: French press on the revival of the Russian Navy
After the collapse of the USSR, Russian shipbuilding experienced 20 difficult years. Lack of orders, investments and the loss of technology had a dramatic negative effect on the combat potential of the Russian Navy, who could not, not only renew his ship composition, but also contain existing units.

The path to rebirth

In the late 2000s, the Navy was not even able to perform the functions of strategic deterrence, holding SSBNs at sea only half the time
– cited in the French edition Meta-defense.

Against this background, in the early 2010s, serious shifts began to occur in shipbuilding.. However, the creation of new ships went with huge delays., in fact, they were built in parallel with the restoration of the production capacity of the shipyards. As the author points out, rationalization of shipbuilding took a period from 2012 by 2020 year. But the bottom line is obvious: the construction time of the Borey-A SSBN decreased from 17 years before 7, "Ash-M" – from 20 to 7, frigates "Admiral Gorshkov" – from 12 to 5.

Even diesel-electric submarines of the project 636.3, which took a year to build at the end of the Soviet era, and 2010 year - more 4 years, has now shrunk to a little over a year
– featured in the French press.

At the same time, shipbuilding continues to gain momentum. The day of mass ship laying is already becoming an annual tradition.. 16 July 2020 year began the creation of frigates 22350, Nuclear submarine "Yasen-M" and UDC 23900 - two units of each project, 28 April 2021 year, two ships of each type were laid down - the nuclear submarine "Borey-A", DEPL 636.6, corvette 20380.

«Russian military shipbuilding has surpassed all of Europe»: French press on the revival of the Russian Navy

Overtaking Europe

Loading of Russian military shipbuilding has now reached a higher level, than all European shipyards combined
– says the edition.

As explained, now in Europe are being built at the same time 5 Premier League (1 Astute и 4 Suffren), 4 conventional submarines (A26 and S81), 1 helicopter carrier Trieste, 12 frigates (types T26, Baden-Wuttenberg, FORWARD, PPA) and 5 corvettes. In Russia, meanwhile, are being created 5 Nuclear submarines "Borey-A" and "Yasen-M", 5 DEPL 636.6, by 2 BDK and UDC, 6 frigates "Admiral Gorshkov", 10 corvettes 20380/5/6, 3 light corvette [RCM] «Buyan-M», 8 light corvettes [RCM] Karakurt and 3 minesweeper "Alexandrite".

In other words, for the first time 30 years Russian military shipbuilding surpasses all of Europe […] Not known yet, why is Moscow making such efforts in the naval sphere […] And at this time, Europe is engaged in, that lends a helping hand to the United States, sending ships to the South China Sea […] The growth and modernization of the Russian fleet is ideal for, to take over the navies of European countries
– the author concludes.

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