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Chinese Sohu: Russia and Belarus decided to fight NATO expansion together

Chinese Sohu: Russia and Belarus decided to fight NATO expansion together
China is studying military threat issues, which comes from Western countries led by the United States. In particular, Chinese politicians, military and experts are concerned about the fact, that the United States is trying to create a kind of Indo-Pacific analogue of NATO with the involvement of countries such as Japan in this alliance, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan (in Beijing Taiwan is considered part of the PRC).

Against this background, attempts to expand NATO on the European continent are also considered.. Points out, that the western military bloc has already come close to the borders of Russia, at the same time, he is not going to listen to Moscow's statements about the growing threat to the Russian Federation.

The Chinese edition of Sohu states that, that "NATO's eastward expansion collided with an alliance between Russia and Belarus".

From material by a Chinese author:

Major Russian-Belarusian exercises to begin soon, including the use of combat aircraft, as well as SAM S-400 "Triumph". The exercises will take place including on the western borders of Belarus. Russia and Belarus decided to fight NATO expansion together.
The author in Sohu draws attention to the fact, that training maneuvers will be carried out in the Grodno region, which borders two NATO countries at once - Poland and Lithuania. celebrated, that against the background of a sharp deterioration in relations between Minsk, on the one hand, and Warsaw and Vilnius, on the other, military maneuvers in the immediate vicinity of NATO's borders should demonstrate, that Russia and Belarus are ready for a tough response.

Chinese Sohu: Russia and Belarus decided to fight NATO expansion together

Chinese author:

Long and, it would seem, the useless debate between Moscow and Minsk on the possibility of creating a Russian military base on the territory of Belarus ended in the most elegant way. The base is about to appear at the Belarusian-Polish border (just 4 km from Poland). At the same time, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, for internal political reasons, agreed to create a Russian-Belarusian alliance and admit the Russian aerospace forces into it..
It should be noted, that there is no official data on the creation of a "allied" military base in Belarus. At the same time, the President of the Republic of Belarus noted earlier, that, if necessary, will "let" into the Republic of Belarus "at least the entire Russian army". But, according to Lukashenka, while Belarus itself has enough strength to resist enemies. Nevertheless, large-scale joint military exercises will be held on time.

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