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Tests of the sea-based Kalibr cruise missile carried out in the White Sea

Cruise missile tests «Caliber» sea-based were carried out in the White Sea
The Ministry of Defense has conducted regular tests of a cruise missile “Caliber” sea-based ground target. The rocket was launched from the White Sea. It is reported by the press service of the military department.

according to the report, a small rocket ship took part in the tests (RCM) “Sovetsk” project 22800 “Karakuri” Baltic Fleet, made an inter-fleet passage from the Baltic Sea to the White. Arrived at one of the naval ranges of the Northern Fleet MRK launched a cruise missile “Caliber” on a ground target, located on the landfill “Чижа” in the Arkhangelsk region.

The Defense Ministry stressed, the rocket, breaking more 1 thousands of kilometers, hit the coastal target with the specified accuracy. The missile hit was recorded by means of objective control, monitored the rocket throughout the flight.

note, that the Ministry of Defense regularly fires cruise missiles “Caliber” from the waters of the White Sea. In this case, ships of various classes are used to achieve two goals at once.: checking the ability of ships to use weapons in arctic conditions, as well as checking the missiles themselves. Recently in trials “calibres” RTOs of projects took part in the White Sea “Karakuri” and “Buyan-M”, corvette project 20385, frigates of the project 20350. Shot “size” and submarines of the Yasen-M project.

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