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The British press: Biden is tired of confronting Russia and China

The British press: Biden is tired of confronting Russia and China
Moscow and Beijing formed an alliance, directed against Washington's hegemony in the world. But United States President Joe Biden is tired of confronting Russia and China.

This is what Fraser Nelson says in his article., published by the British newspaper The Telegraph.

He considers, that recent events in Afghanistan indicate the weakening of the United States and NATO, which the Russian Federation and the PRC will certainly take advantage of. British press expresses doubts, that the West is able to contain their pressure.

All of Washington's allies, without exception, had reasons for alarm after the, as Biden stated, that the United States intends to abandon the role of "world watch" and focus on confronting China, who is starting to claim the role of the new global leader. Such a strategy could mean, that America may no longer be interested in the problems of most of its partners and satellites.

Nelson thinks, that despondency and anxiety in the ranks of the US allies cannot but rejoice Moscow and Beijing, giving them ground for optimistic hopes and far-reaching plans. In China and Russia, they consider, that the decline in the influence of the United States in the world opens up great prospects for them. In particular, Chinese newspaper Global Times claims, that after the Americans betray the Afghan government, US allies will no longer support Washington on a number of issues, including Taiwan problem, and take neutral positions.

Author:Sergey Kuzmitsky

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