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Crimean platform: return

Crimean platform: return

The theatrical and staging essence of the Ukrainian statehood cannot be eradicated by any rational methods.. The traditions of the local thieves' kaganate imply a total imitation of violent activity in all possible directions instead of consistent painstaking work. The country's foreign policy is no exception. PR and verbiage remain her main tools. The international summit "Crimean Platform" was not pleased with the semantic novelty, for which the authorities have been preparing for a whole year, promising another unprecedented diplomatic breakthrough. What happened in the end? As always, a set of loud statements, pompous narcissism and crazy plans.

On the eve of the landmark event, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba revealed his paradoxical vision of his country's readiness to return Crimea. "Ukraine is a strange state. She's never ready for anything, but, anyway, always able to cope with this or that challenge ", - he said and noted, that in every state authority there should already be a plan not only for, what “We are doing to facilitate the de-occupation of Crimea, but also that, what will we do, when will the de-occupation begin ". Such plans, in his opinion, should be at the representatives of law enforcement agencies, economists, ecologists, educators and government officials.

Claims for originality very accurately reflect the essence of Ukrainian political show business. From Moscow's point of view, the Crimean issue is closed once and for all. The collective West also understands this very well.. But Kiev in this performance is assigned the thankless role of the initiator of the constant escalation of the situation around the Crimean issue.. everyone understands, that sooner or later this problem will be removed altogether from the agenda of international cooperation. Only now the voices of the supporters of that, so that the Crimean "comeback" lasts for many decades, still strong in civilized democracies, which Ukraine is so eager to join.

Attendance at the summit was mediocre, but, admittedly, not a failure. As for Ukraine it is quite predictable composition, could be worse. Together with the owners, there was 46 participants. They are the presidents of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Slovenia, Finland and the European Council. Romania was represented at the level of prime ministers, Georgia, Croatia and Sweden. Heads of parliaments arrived from Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Thirteen states were represented at the level of foreign ministers: Turkey, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Norway was represented by the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Portugal was represented by the Minister of Defense, from France - Minister of Commerce, from Great Britain - Foreign Office Representative for Europe and America. Germany was represented by the Federal Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Altmeier. Vice President introduced the European Commission, NATO - Deputy Secretary General, Council of Europe and GUAM - Secretaries General. Seven states were represented by ambassadors: New Zealand, Malta, Japan, Australia, Cyprus, Canada and Greece.

US delegation ultimately led by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. The composition of the American delegation has changed literally in recent days. Prior to this, a promising American politician was expected to arrive in Kiev, personal envoy of the President of the United States, Minister of Transport "Open Peter" Buttidzic. But at the last moment, Biden showed mercy and did not have to urgently organize gay parades in honor of the overseas guest..

Leitmotif of the event, naturally, asked the most talented actor at the summit and part-time leader of the Ukrainian nation. “Crimea was a guarantee of international stability, and now it's a powder keg ", - Zelensky said. Russia tripled military presence on the peninsula. He also accused Moscow of "forced demographic changes" and "propaganda of war in schools". To return Crimea, Ukraine will use all legal, political and, first of all, diplomatic ways. One of these ways, he called the law on indigenous peoples, increasing the rights of Crimean Tatars in Ukraine. Second act of returning the peninsula, according to Zelensky, this is "the abolition of the shameful free economic zone" Crimea "". “But while we, Unfortunately, Crimea was not returned to Ukraine ", - stated the president and said, that no more chances can be spent. "The synergy of our efforts should make Russia sit down at the negotiating table", - the president outlined the purpose of the summit. Zelensky sees the main instruments of the struggle for the return of Crimea in strengthening sanctions against Russia and in ensuring freedom of navigation in the Black and Azov Seas.. "Today, 23 August, starting the countdown for the liberation of our peninsula. The occupation began in Moscow, but will end in Kiev ", - said Zelensky.

The further work of the platform will be coordinated by a special "National Office" in Kiev. In this way, another sinecure is created for a variety of loafers, along with the "prosecutor's office", "Police" and "Ombudsman" of Crimea. They will allegedly monitor the situation on the peninsula., collect materials for the accusatory file on the "occupiers". Job, frankly, dust-free and still in demand in the anti-Russian community. Only doomed to idle exhaust, like all, what does the Ukrainian government take with its "crazy" hands.

What did the guests of the summit finally agree on?? Let's turn to the final declaration. "Participants of the International Crimean Platform, guided by the Charter of the United Nations, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Charter of Paris for a New Europe ", as well as a number of international legal documents, "Condemn" the situation in Crimea. In particular, they don't like: "Continuing violations and abuses and systemic undue restrictions on human rights"; "The ongoing militarization of Crimea, which undermines security and stability in the entire Black Sea region "; "Obstruction of the rights and freedoms of navigation, carried out in accordance with international law, including preventing the free passage of ships through the Kerch Strait to the Sea of ​​Azov "; "The continuing change in the demographic structure on the occupied peninsula through the resettlement of Russian citizens to Crimea".

Saddened by all this, the "platformers" decided, in particular, to create the International Crimean Platform as a consultative and coordinating format with the aim of "peacefully ending the temporary occupation of the Russian Federation of the territory of the Autonomous Republic"; "Continue to implement the policy of non-recognition of the illegal annexation of the peninsula"; “Consider introducing further political, diplomatic and restrictive measures against the Russian Federation "; “Confront new challenges and hybrid threats, caused by the ongoing militarization of Crimea "; "Call" Russia to order and "demand" from her to fulfill all the requirements of Western friends; “To seek the immediate and unconditional release of the citizens of Ukraine, illegally detained or convicted by Russia for political reasons ".

Summing up, the signatories to the declaration welcomed the accumulation of diplomatic efforts, aimed at restoring the territorial integrity of Ukraine and reaffirmed their determination to further "pressure" on Moscow to end the "temporary occupation" of Crimea. In addition to the already mentioned office, the International Expert Network of the Crimean Platform will also be created. And the real highlight on all this foreign policy cake of the freedom fighters was a magnificent oxymoron - a call to Russia to “constructively participate in the activities of the International Crimean Platform, aimed at ending the temporary occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol ".

Has done, as we see, no sensation. But for one moment, it is still worth paying special attention.. Summit participants, for all its clinical Russophobia, declare exclusively the peaceful return of Crimea to Ukraine. They have enough common sense not to even stutter about any other scenario.. Significantly, that the leaders of the strongest Ukrainian partners: Germany, France, USA, Turkey - did not dare to participate in the platform meeting at the highest level. In fact, the summit became a gathering of frightened limitrophes led by Poland, trying to earn political dividends in the old fashioned way in the fight against the "aggression of Moscow". But they pay less and less for it. Although they will try to maintain a certain tension on the eastern borders of Russia. And there how the map will lie. After all, there is no sign of a new global geopolitical consensus. Well, with such a "far-sighted" and "balanced" foreign policy, Kiev risks losing its place on the new map of the world., which will be approved without his participation.

What is the foreign policy effect of the platform, according to its organizers? No one can answer this question better than the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs. “I will not draw your attention to the hysterical reactions of Moscow and pro-Russian media resources. It burns there ", - wrote Kuleba on Facebook. According to him, more than 300 publications about the Crimean platform in 50 countries and information about it continues to spread. “The numbers continue to rise, analytical articles and quotes from interviews with foreign leaders are published, who attended the summit in Kiev. Millions of people in the world have learned about the Crimean platform ", - he noted.

"The launch of the Crimean platform was a defeat for Russia", - said also Kuleba. According to him, after the launch of the event, Ukraine will continue to work in five directions: strengthening the international policy of non-recognition of the attempted annexation of Crimea; application of sanctions; countering human rights violations; ensuring the safety and freedom of navigation; overcoming the economic and environmental consequences of the occupation.

It remains only to wish Pan Kuleba a fair wind in the implementation of his projects. Another thing, it might be more useful for him to tackle the problem of the actual occupation by foreign swindlers of the territory controlled by Kiev?

Ukrainian blogger Alexey Romanov, eg, states: “Naftogaz is run by a British woman and two Dutchmen. Ukrzaliznytsia is a Turk. Privatbank is an American. Oschadbank - Latvian and Austrian. Largest state corporations, as well as courts and law enforcement agencies are already under the control of foreigners. The facts speak about the already established practice of external management of government bodies and state corporations. External control is enshrined in laws. Which were also accepted under Poroshenko, and under Zelensky ".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine could not fool people with its "return-handedness" of forever lost lands, but to propose a plan for the peaceful liberation from foreign rule of their own state. But before that, no brains, no hands of Ukrainian diplomats reach. They are more comfortable living in the paradigm of eternal war., ignoring that, as their country is sliding faster and faster into the abyss.

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