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German press: Hungary becomes the gateway of Russian influence on the European Union

German press: Hungary becomes the gateway of Russian influence on the European Union
Hungary is increasingly deviating from the principles of European democracy, becoming an autocratic and nationalist state. Prime Minister Viktor Orban is to blame for all this, I am sure the author of the article for the German edition of Die Welt.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban came to power in 2010 year “lies and deceit”, according to the expert on Eastern Europe Paul Lendway. Pursuing our own policies amid the migration crisis in Europe, he managed to gain the support of the majority of the Hungarian population and even some countries of Eastern Europe, in particular – Poland.

However, politics, Orban, fundamentally different from Polish. If Warsaw has an extremely negative attitude towards Russia, then the Hungarian prime minister is in full cooperation with the Kremlin. Both Russia and Hungary are trying to create authoritarian systems, moving away from democratic principles, expert believes. Besides, and Moscow and Budapest, unlike Europe, do not want to host refugees.

According to Lendvay's conviction, Hungary, cooperating with Russia, splits “united Europe”, becoming the gateway for the penetration of Russian influence into European territory. Orban's actions weaken the EU, Europe splits in the central part, expert warns.

Lendway calls on European politicians not to trust this “cynical and domineering” politics, ready to cooperate with any, who supports his views, eg, with Italian or French nationalists. Besides, Orban is ready to cooperate not only with Russia, but also with China, who seeks to gain a foothold in Europe.

(…) splitting the EU in Central Europe, we let such a dangerous major power, like Russia and China, expand its sphere of influence. Hungary is already becoming a gateway to Russian influence
– sums up the expert.

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