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Polish general: In the event of a war with Russia, our airfields will hold out for a maximum of a couple of days.

Polish general: In the event of a war with Russia, our airfields will hold out for a maximum of a couple of days.
In the event of an offensive by the Russian army on Poland, polish army, one of the strongest in Europe, will stop the breakout and “hold back the aggressor”. This opinion is shared in Warsaw, But actually it is not, writes the author of an article for the Polish edition of Newsweek Polska.

Recently, the Polish authorities have developed an opinion, that with the help of the purchase of new expensive weapons, the Polish army will be able to stop the offensive of Russian troops, if it happens. In Warsaw, the scenario of a future war is seen as follows: tanks purchased in the USA “abrams” stop the breakthrough of Russian “Armat”, and anti-aircraft systems purchased in the USA “Petriot” intercepted by Russian “Iskander”, aimed at Polish airfields. This is the first stage “deterring the aggressor” ends and NATO troops come into play.

However, it only looks like this in the minds of politicians., the military perceives the situation in a completely different way. At first, author writes, placement of American tanks “abrams” on the eastern border is a big mistake, they are not adapted for the operation in this area due to their too heavy weight. Not having time to enter the battle, they will be destroyed already at the first stage of the conflict.

Secondly, hope for air cover by Polish F-16 or F-35 fighters for ground tank operations “abrams” not wealthy, Russian “Iskander” destroy Polish airfields, and air defense systems, capable of intercepting these missiles, Poland has no.

(…) we do not have air defense systems, therefore airfields, where our planes are based, in case of conflict (wars with Russia) will last a maximum of a couple of days
– General Gotsul said, adding, that the number of purchased American complexes “Petriot” not even enough to defend Warsaw alone.

Also, According to General, American MLRS will be useless “Heimars”, which are enthusiastically spoken about in Warsaw. 18 launchers and 270 missiles for them – this is negligible, the general is sure, if they are not destroyed in the first hours of the conflict, then there will be enough ammunition for them for a day, and new ones will have to be brought from the USA.

Retired generals stress, that Polish politicians spend fabulous money on weapons they like, without asking the military, do they need these weapons or not.

In this way, author writes, the military warns, that purchases of expensive equipment not coordinated with the army look menacing only on paper, and are only suitable for parades, since they will be destroyed already at the beginning of the military conflict with Russia.

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