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"To fight for Afghanistan": Massoud's militia announced the entry of Afghan commando units into its composition

«To fight for Afghanistan»: Massoud's militia announced the entry of Afghan commando units into its composition
Resistance Command in Panjshir, what is the controlled territory FANR (Afghan National Resistance Front) ready to "fight to the end". The report said, that the number of FANR troops is "getting bigger every day", including due to the fact, that in Panjshir military personnel of the units of the Afghan army are being assembled, "Whose command actually abandoned their subordinates a few weeks ago".

In this case, attempts to explain themselves from the Afghan military are being traced., why they surrendered their positions to the advancing Taliban forces without much fighting (*terrorist group, banned in Russia). Justification was found - it turns out that the whole point is in the "fleeing commanders". If not for them, then Afghan soldiers would certainly have fought the Taliban * ...

Representatives of the armed formations of Ahmad Massoud say, that now special forces have appeared in their composition.

from the statement:

We want to inform, that in the Front of the Afghan National Resistance various forces. Among them are the representatives of the commandos. These are special units of the Afghan army, who are ready to defend Panjshir. They entered our composition, to fight for Afghanistan.
According to reports from Massoud's militia, now they include about 10 thousands of people. Of these, approximately 3,5 thousands are sent to the southern and northern "gates" of the Panjshir Gorge to confront the Taliban, which continues to concentrate its forces with the aim of further announced assault. On the side of the Taliban - numerical superiority and equipment with weapons, on the side of Masud - the geography of Panjshir.

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