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"An attempt by terrorists to create a" dirty bomb "is likely: India seized half a billion dollars worth of radioactive substances

«An attempt to create by terrorists is likely «dirty bomb»: India seized half a billion dollars worth of radioactive substances
Acting on a tip from a person, which a duet of two "businessmen" approached for the sale of radioactive material for a large sum, Indian Criminal Investigators Arrested.

West Bengal Criminal Investigation Department detained two persons, who stored radioactive substances near the Kolkata airport. The estimated cost of the material is 4250 kror [over half a billion – 575 million – dollars]
– told the Indian police, as reported by NDTV.

The substances were placed in four packages. One of them was, as suspected, California, which has several practical uses [including used to study spontaneous nuclear fission] and costs about $23 million per gram, police sources said:

The suspects claim, that they bought radioactive substances, the total weight of which was 250 g, from an unknown person in Karnataka [state in the southwest of the country], accidentally "meeting" him on social networks. We believe, that these materials were stolen from some laboratory. We have begun to investigate this issue..

As indicated, illicit trafficking in radioactive materials creates "the likelihood of creating a" dirty bomb ". maybe, that their timely withdrawal made it possible to avoid terrorist attacks with numerous casualties and pollution of vast territories. At the same time, in India they consider, that radioactive substances could get into Afghanistan and get to terrorists, who are hatching plans to create the so-called "dirty" atomic weapons.

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