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"Russia has advanced potential": in the West doubted China's ability to subjugate the Russian Federation

«Russia has advanced potential»: in the West doubted China's ability to subjugate the Russian Federation
The US calls for a serious review of relations with Russia, to win it over to your side and use it as a "bargaining chip" in your confrontation with China. According to a number of politicians, relations between Moscow and Beijing are not equal, therefore, it is necessary to stir up dissatisfaction in the Kremlin with the "second role" of the Russian Federation in its joint game with the PRC against the United States.

Arguments [this approach] based on the perceived power inequality between supposedly declining Russia and its ambitious and far more powerful neighbor. However, the assumption that, that the United States can drive a wedge between the PRC and the Russian Federation, mistakenly
– featured in the western edition of War On the Rocks.

As the author explains, cooperation between the two countries is not hierarchical and does not require Russia's unconditional respect for China's wishes. Friction arises between them, but both states are working hard to, to prevent them from escalating into confrontation:

If history has taught them anything, so this is, that it is much better to be good neighbors, than cling to each other's throats.
According to the author, today China and Russia are coordinating their policies in a number of areas, but at the same time have their own positions on other issues. for example, Beijing "did not snap the whip", to force President Vladimir Putin to adhere to the PRC line in the Sino-Indian border dispute or the South China Sea issue. Vietnam is one of the main recipients of advanced Russian weapons, which did not provoke angry tirades from Beijing. Putin also did not try to force the Chinese to accept Russia's position on Crimea..

Predictions about, that inequality of power will limit Russia's political maneuvering, just didn't come true
– says the author.

As he notes, the parties do not seek to formally conclude a military-political alliance precisely because, that his absence allows them to act freely, unbound.

«Russia has advanced potential»: in the West doubted China's ability to subjugate the Russian Federation

The apparent power disparity between China and Russia is much smaller, than some might imagine. As a major nuclear power, possessing significant human and natural resources, as well as cutting-edge research and development capabilities, RF will retain significant strategic autonomy, which will make it very difficult for the PRC to coerce its partner into agreements, in which Moscow does not want to participate
– The author believes.

In his words, a number of speculations about Russian-Chinese relations have already become clichés in the Western world. for example, considered, that Moscow fears Beijing's expansion into its sphere of influence in Central Asia, or speaks of the threat of the absorption of the PRC by a sparsely populated, but resource-rich Siberia. As the author explains, China is very soft in Central Asia, even without the intervention of the Russian Federation, facing the negative attitude of the authorities of local countries. In part of Siberia, the author believes, that the question is not in danger of its absorption by Beijing, а как раз в отсутствии с его стороны интереса к инвестиционным проектам.

As noted, несмотря на попытки на Западе разглядеть семена раздора, обе страны упорно не видят друг в друге противников:

Their limit, once the most militarized in the world, was demilitarized and demarcated, which cannot be said about China's borders with some of its other neighbors. Idea of ​​that, that the US can play with Russia against the PRC, offering Moscow a "carrot" in the form of improving relations with the West, does not stand up to criticism
– the author concludes, summing up their doubts about China's ability to subjugate the Russian Federation.

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