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"Replenish the second squadron": Janes on delivery of a new batch of Su-30SM fighters to Kazakhstan

«Replenish second squadron»: Janes on delivery of a new batch of Su-30SM fighters to Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan air defense forces (KADF) will receive four Su-30SM multipurpose fighters from Russia until the end 2022 of the year.

About it 25 August TASS was informed by Dmitry Shugaev, responsible for the military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation with foreign partners.

Shugaev noted, what is currently delivered to KADF 20 fighters Su-30SM, adding, that the last batch of planes, which will be broadcast next year, is part of a valid contract.

Janes believes, that these four vehicles will join the second KADF squadron, which will eventually consist of 12 Su-30SM
– noted in the western edition.

The government of Kazakhstan for the first time announced its intention to acquire the second squadron of Su-30SM in August 2017 of the year, by signing a framework agreement with Russia. Nevertheless, as a result, an order was placed for only eight units of equipment at the site of the KADEX defense exhibition, held in May 2018 of the year.

Shugaev's statement confirms, that the remaining four aircraft are destined for completion [formation] 2nd squadron Su-30SM
– explained in Janes, pointing, what 8 Su-30SM of the 2nd squadron is currently in service with the 610th airbase in Karaganda, moreover, the last four aircraft were transferred in November 2020 of the year.

In general, Janes believes, that Kazakhstan plans to acquire three Su-30SM squadrons with a total number of 36 aircraft. Recently, however, there have been no reports of negotiations on the purchase of the third squadron..

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