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"The American Empire Comes to an End": Jerusalem Post on "Afghan Syndrome" for the United States

"The American Empire Comes to an End": Jerusalem Post on "Afghan Syndrome" for the USA0
Managing the world turned out to be an overwhelming burden, taken over by the United States. Fatal setback in Afghanistan will be America's last imperial war.

The Imperial Period in American History Comes to an End. the, which began with the conquest of Hawaii and the Philippines by more 120 years ago, and then led to the creation of the most powerful empire in history, now made it completely absurd in terms of its size, an unbearable burden in terms of costs and an unsuitable creation for the world in terms of the goals of its existence.
– quotes the opinion of the columnist Amots Asa-El Israeli edition of the Jerusalem Post.

In his words, the empire began to roll into decline even under Barack Obama. Donald Trump and Joe Biden continued the course he had chosen to surrender positions, "Albeit with varying degrees of awkwardness".

USA placed 800 bases around the world, more than 20 times more, than the other four superpowers combined. US troop, stationed abroad, is 200 000 human. Approximately at 150 of 195 countries of the world are American troops.

What is the purpose and profitability of this imperial investment?
– the author asks.

He thinks, US motives in its expansion have evolved: at first they strove for fame, then, during the Cold War, tried to survive, finally, in the modern era - to carry out a general democratization of the regimes, instilling our values ​​everywhere.

Imperial Imposition of Ideas Fails Completely in Afghanistan. Afghan tragedy should be America's last imperial war
– says the author.

In his words, now there are no ideological opponents of the United States. Russia and China do not seek to change the structure of the West.

Why then surround the globe with American troops, bases and aircraft carriers, when every metropolis in the United States is teeming with sprawling ghettos, where millions of uneducated Americans languish in poverty, humiliation and despair?
– He writes columnist.

According to the author, "Afghan syndrome" clearly showed, that the American empire has become absurd, neglecting internal problems and devastating the country's treasury in constant battles for an initially losing cause against enemies, which no longer exist.

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