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Fake vaccination certificate market thrives in the US

Fake vaccination certificate market thrives in the US

Many Americans don't believe, that vaccines are safe

December will be a year since then, how the whole world, led by the United States, began to fight against coronavirus with the help of mass vaccination of the population. According to media reports, Americans piled up on massive vaccinations, as a result of which the United States has made great strides. Half of the population is fully vaccinated today, true, "Herd immunity" has not yet arrived, and government statistics are clearly disingenuous in the question of the number of side and lethal effects of vaccination. The media is not embarrassed by this, For several months they have been creating a picture of a united impulse of Americans to virus-free happiness. However, the picture was suddenly clouded by a shadow, when US Customs and Border Protection began to report the regular interception of shipments from China of large quantities of fake vaccination forms, who go to America's black market.

Just in the ports of Memphis, New Orleans and Anchorage shipments of this smuggled item confiscated, disguised as packaging with greeting cards. Customs officers find new lots of these fakes every night.. Although, they said, substandard fakes; there are spelling errors and other trifles on the forms, not typical of American paperwork.

25 August agency BBC posted the material of its correspondent under the title "Could the US Strike a Blow on Manufacturing Fake Vaccination Certificates??». The article paints a detailed picture of what is happening. It becomes clear from her, that not all fakes come from China. The production of fake certificates in the United States is also on a grand scale., and fakes are in high demand.

This news is unusual against the background of the "united antiquated American impulse" portrayed by the media.. Big Pharma rolled over the minds of people with such heavy means of informational and psychological pressure, what, it seemed, no one can even hint at her influence. It seemed, everything in America is subject to corporate control over public opinion. It turned, but, it is not so.

The more people are forced to provide proof of vaccination when applying for a job or school, the faster the market for fake evidence flourishes.

The author of the article contacted the seller of fakes on the website via the Internet Covid19vaccinecardsss. He was immediately answered, what the 100 dollars the seller will provide a "registered" card with the logo of the Federal Office for Disease Control and Prevention (US Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, CDC) or Britain’s National Health Service. Payment can be made at Apple Pay or Bitcoin, and delivery will occur within 24 hours while observing the necessary secrecy. “Your cards will be entered into the data bank. These are reliable original cards, don't worry ", - said the site operator.

Further, the author found out, that fakes are easily purchased on social media for prices from 25 to 500 dollars. They are sold on a variety of internet platforms, beginning with eBay and ending WhatsApp.

AT Instagram articles against vaccination and the dangers of vaccines are often accompanied by an offer to purchase a fake. The market for fake evidence began to grow after the, how did the "delta option" come to the USA?. Institutions, universities and cities, like New York and San Francisco, introduced vaccination cards, and this kind of coercion causes protest among many Americans. People's reluctance to get vaccinated remains common, and the shadow industry of fake testimonies helps to get around problems. true, warnings are heard louder and louder, that for this you can get a large fine or even go to jail.

American authorities are skeptical about the possibility of stopping the wave of counterfeits. Making them has become a profitable and common business., and in America, since the time of the ban on alcohol, they know, that fines will not achieve much here.

Arrests won't help either. for example, the other day a married couple from Miami was arrested, who tried to use fake certificates to fly to Hawaii. They face a fine in 8 thousand. Doll. or 5 years in prison, but this does not cause fear, but a discussion about, why people don't want to get vaccinated.

Senate Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called for anti-counterfeiting campaign and at the same time expressed misunderstanding of the fact, that people don't want free vaccinations. But the main reason is known: many americans don't believe, that vaccines are safe.

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