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Sergei Markov: Navalny is proud of, that he is a foreign agent

Sergei Markov: Navalny is proud of, that he is a foreign agent

Navalny told the New York Times about his life in prison

AT 5 in the morning Navalny wakes up and lies quietly, reads in bed for about an hour. AT 6 official rise, morning toilet, charger, then breakfast, then they watch a movie. FROM 10 to 12 free time. Usually everyone gathers in the kitchen, Drink tea, coffee, have a snack (sweets, apparently).

Navalny himself, over a cup of tea or coffee, likes to read letters of support at this time., which fans send him. FROM 12 to 14 those who wish can go to some kind of work for fun. And some people watch scientific educational programs on TV. Someone plays checkers, chess, backgammon. AT 14 dinner. Then educational activities, (lectures again, apparently). FROM 16 30 to 17 evening verification, room cleaning. Then again free time, tea, coffee. For those who wish - sports.

AT 18 the most unloved part for Navalny is patriotic education. In practice, these are just films about the Great Patriotic War., or, eg, about some feats of our people. About the victories of Russians over Americans or Canadians in hockey. At that time, as Navalny says, he ponders, what is the wrong ideology of Putin, which replaces the present with the past.

AT 19 30 dinner. Then again educational lectures on TV, Navalny likes them. Navalny humorously notes, that American professors would be very surprised, if you knew, that their lectures on physics are forced by Russian jailers to watch Russian prisoners. AT 22 retreat.


Very healthy and correct routine.

Well, it's just some kind of Switzerland in that prison. Almost a sanatorium.

The punishment is what? Only that, that you can't go anywhere?

Navalny is still crazy. Well, a normal politician in Russia cannot admit, that he doesn't like patriotic films about Russian victories? What does he think during films about the exploits of our people in the Great Patriotic War?, what is the wrong ideology of Putin. Well the man is directly proud of that, that he is a foreign agent and does not like everything, what our people are proud of.

Sergei Markov

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