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"Lost the main drawback of the MiG-29": Argentine press is studying a possible purchase for the country's Air Force of the MiG-35 fighter

«Lost the main drawback of the MiG-29»: Argentine press is studying a possible purchase for the country's Air Force of the MiG-35 fighter
Argentine observers study the Russian MiG-35, which Buenos Aires is considering as a possible option for replenishing the fleet of supersonic fighters.

According to the author, Russia tried to enter the Argentine military aviation market along with China, who offered to buy the plane Chengdu JF-17 Block III Thunder [this is the Pakistani model designation; apparently, still FC-1].

Available information, according to sources, who participate in the program [Air Force updates], indicates that, what are purchasing, so the operating costs will be twice as high as the Chinese model, largely due to, that the MiG-35 is larger, at the same time has the best flight characteristics
– stated in the Argentinean edition of Pucará Defensa.

As explained, compared to the MiG-29, the new aircraft has 8% great traction and on 45% more fuel, located in internal compartments.

This made it possible to deprive the new machine of the main drawback of the previous fighter - a short range of use..
Multipurpose radar allows you to track various targets, including ground. The fighter can carry all types of airborne Russian tactical weapons currently in use, for example, four Kh-31A / P supersonic anti-ship missiles, four subsonic anti-ship missiles Kh-35 or four adjustable bombs. He has also been seen carrying new X-38M and Thunder ammunition.. Air-to-air weapon options include up to 4 R-37M long-range, to 6 R-77 medium range or up 8 short-range R-73 / R-74M missiles.

One- and the two-seater versions have an almost identical fuselage. The differences are: the single-seater version has a 630-liter fuel tank instead of the rear seat.

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