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M-60 tank with active protection complex presented in Turkey

M-60 tank with active protection complex presented in Turkey
Turkish company Aselsan presented at IDEF 2021 new upgraded version of the M60TM tank, developed as part of the FIRAT-M60T project. MBT of American origin received the PULAT active protection system, also created by Aselsan.

The FIRAT project was launched to modernize the M60A3 fleet, in service with the Turkish army, in order to increase protection against current anti-tank threats, as well as obtaining new combat capabilities.

New variant of M60TM with KAZ combines several new subsystems: laser warning, remote control weapon, telescopic periscope, location and orientation, close observation, tank driver's overview, protection, air conditioning, auxiliary system.

The main armament of the M60TM consists of a 120mm MG253 cannon., developed by the Israeli company IMI. It can fire all types of NATO 120mm ammunition, as well as anti-tank guided missile LAHAT.

The M60TM turret has a remotely controlled weapon station, which can be fitted with a 12.7 mm machine gun or 40 mm automatic grenade launchers. A telescopic periscope system is located at the rear of the tower. (TEPES) on a hydraulic mast, providing reliable observation and the ability to detect targets in the "defilade" position [that is, when finding a target behind cover].

PULAT is an active protection system, capable of scanning threats up to 180 degrees in azimuth and 35 degrees in height and at a distance of up to 50 m and calculate the approach angle. KAZ consists of a control panel, power distribution unit and countermeasures modules. Six cylindrical counteraction modules are installed around the body, two on each side, one in the front and one in the back.


M-60 tank with active protection complex presented in Turkey

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