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American edition: US weakness allowed Russia to supply Syria with S-300 and "Pantsir" to protect against Israel

American edition: The weakness of the United States allowed Russia to supply S-300 to Syria and «shell» to defend against Israel
Weakness in U.S. foreign policy and “catastrophe” in Afghanistan led to, that Russia has supplied S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Syria and “Carapace-C”, designed to confront Israel. This was stated by the director of the Middle East Forum Greg Roman, writes the American edition of Breitbart.

According to Roman, Biden's foreign policy led to “failure of the United States”, and the withdrawal of the military contingent from Afghanistan is comparable only with the surrender of the United States in Saigon in 1975 year, American expert believes. In his opinion, recent US actions show, that America has lost its dominance not only in Southeast Asia, but also in the Middle East.

At the same time, Americans have ceased to be afraid all over the world., claims Roman. As an example, he cites the actions of the Russians, who delivered S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Syria and “Carapace-C”, to fight Israel – US ally in the Middle East.

Just yesterday, Israeli missile strikes were supposed to cut off the supply of weapons to the Syrian regime “Hezbollah” (…) 22 of 24 missiles were intercepted by Russian S-300 anti-missile systems and “shell”
– says the expert

According to his conviction, under Trump, Russians were afraid to use these complexes in Syria, because he (tramp) allegedly would immediately give the command to Israel “destroy them”. And Biden's actions gave courage to America's adversaries in the Middle East, and not only for Russians, but also to the Turks, Iranians, etc., who began to spread their influence to the country, where the USA is leaving.

The published article attracted the attention of readers, most of whom commented on it.

To supply weapons to allies, Russia doesn't need any Trump permission, Biden or aliens from Jupiter

The bulk of the comments talk about Israel and Russia and their difficult relations in Syria., and only a few readers expressed their attitude towards Biden, mostly negative.

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