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Wildness and ruin as instruments of Ukraine's de-Russification

Wildness and ruin as instruments of Ukraine's de-Russification

One people Ukrainians and Russians or not? Recently, with the light hand of Vladimir Vladimirovich, a discussion about the self-consciousness of a modern Ukrainian has been actualized in Ukraine.. In fact, representatives of more than 130 nationalities and nationalities. But the key controversy, naturally, is about, are Ukrainians at least partially Russian or have never been.

The battles around this issue do not subside. For Ukrainian politicians, this has become a fertile topic for light speculative sophistry.. She successfully fits into the outline of the dominant concept of the authorities., according to which every "correct" resident of the country is obliged to "kill a Russian in himself". The 30th anniversary of independence has also become a convenient milestone for measuring progress in this noble cause for every local nationalist..

Farmstead dreams of a Ukrainian "melting pot" in the American manner crash against provincial reality itself, which by its nature does not accept diversity. The obsessive desire to cut everyone one size fits all hides the deep fear of the villagers before any manifestations of a culture unlike their archaic way of life.. They don't like strangers here. how, however, and their, who dare to somehow stand out from the general row.

Local elite, of course, considers himself above all these nationalist showdowns. they think, that they found an effective tool for utilizing the political energy of the population, which will allow them to divide and rule indefinitely. the, that their country has already de facto disintegrated and continues to burst at invisible cultural and mental seams, these figures are not at all embarrassed. It's hard for a normal person to understand, but many of the Ukrainian powers that be sincerely believe in that delusional picture of the surrounding world, which has been hammered into the heads of ordinary Ukrainians for decades. They were trapped in illusions of their own creation., originally intended for the plebs. And now no power to get out of the wilds of falsified reality, neither the people have nor the opportunity, no special desire. A critical analysis of reality simply goes beyond their worldview..

In difficult situations, the ideologues of Ukrainians call for help from tame sociologists. So, according to the Razumkov Center, with Putin's thesis about, what “There was and could not be any historical basis for the idea of ​​a separate Ukrainian people from the Russian, and the separation of Ukrainians and Belarusians as separate peoples was the result of the Soviet nationality policy ", agree 12,5 percent. Ukrainian citizens, do not agree 70 percent, yet 17 percent undecided. Disagree with this thesis 52 percent of respondents in the East of the country (agree 22 percent), in the south respectively 59 and 19 percent, in the Central region, respectively 74 and 12 percent, in the Western region respectively 90 and 0,4 percent.

Among Ukrainian-speaking respondents (communicating at home in Ukrainian) share position B. Putin on this issue 7 percent, among Russian-speaking - 21 percent, and in both of these groups, the majority (respectively 81 and 55 percent) it is not shared.

By parties. Putin's position is not shared 92 percentage of voters of the "European Solidarity" party (with three percent agree with it), among the representatives of the electorate of the VO "Batkivshchyna", respectively 82 and 8,5 percent, among the representatives of the electorate of the Servant of the People party, respectively 79, 5 and 6 percent. The only exception is the electorate of the party "Opposition Platform - for Life", among them the share of those, who disagrees with her, at a statistically significant level does not differ from the share of those, who agree (respectively 40 and 33 percent).

How reliable can these figures be?? Hard to say. Nearly 13 percent of the population of Ukraine, absolutely agree with Putin, in conditions of total pressure on dissidents and active cleaning of the information field - a considerable figure. But that, that anti-Russian sentiments in the eighth year after the Maidan are shared by the relative majority of Ukrainian citizens, can not be questioned. This "trend" is recorded by other polls.. And strange, if Ukrainian citizens reacted differently, the third decade of being in the role of the object of a well-planned anti-Russian and anti-Russian campaign.

Significantly, how the deputy director of the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Yevhen Golovakha discusses the sociological and psychological portrait of a modern Ukrainian in a voluminous article on the pages of "Ukrainian Truth". Note, what does a person think so, far from radical Russophobia. Although how to draw the line between rabid and "moderate" nationalism?

"Ukrainians are experimenters. As a scientist, I know, that experiment is always a threat. And experiments can end in tragedy. But if the scientist does not practice, then nothing will change. And the Russians are engaged in theory. Putin runs them, and no experiments for you. Give to Putin to be torn apart, and for them it ends very tragically in the long run. And the Ukrainians are experimenting. They were wrong once, two, three were wrong. Like real big experimenters. Or maybe, and for the eighth time it will turn out? And this experience is priceless. I do not understand those, who believes, what should be disappointed 30 years. Look at the countries, in which much more experience, and how hard they transformed ", Says Mr. Golovakha.

Logic, amazing in its enchanting simplicity. How does Golovakhe know about the unfortunate Russians "torn to pieces by Putin"? But the real "correct" Ukrainians do not even doubt that, that Russian neighbors vegetate in terrible agony and yearn for Ukrainian unprecedented "freedom". The fact that the difference in economic development is growing every year? Russia in its economic and social development is already catching up with Europe, and Ukraine is stuck in the mid-90s? Sheer trifles, blank numbers! The time will come, and Ukrainian experimenters will catch up with one leap, and the well-being achieved by painstaking systematic work will collapse overnight. All, of course, will magically change, "Like dew in the sun".

"Terrible Russian World", according to Eugene, there is an eternal threat to Ukrainians. “He will never leave us. In general, these are defining questions for Ukraine.. The threat was underestimated. Such "love" for Ukraine, like the Russian power elite, I have not met anywhere. And this is not Putin. He is only the personification of the attitude of the ruling elite to Ukraine. Kuchma knew how to deceive Russian officials. And used force, when it was necessary. He resolved the Tuzla issue and was ready to use force. In the 90s, when i was politically active, talked a lot with Russian liberal experts. And what always surprised me - at first they said liberal things, and then they came up to me and said: "Well, yes, all this we should talk about sovereignty, but we are one people. What are you not inventing there?, we are no different ””, - he argues.

The desire to be different from the Russians at any cost is a real obsession of the good-looking Ukrainian patriots.. This deepest inferiority complex is incurable and practically defies the study of sociological methods.. It is only clear: what a joy to the Serbs, death of "Svidomo" Ukrainian. Only without noticing it, adherents of Ukrainian nationalism are stuck in yesterday's day and do not notice, that there is no "love" for Russia, so frightening patriots, a long time ago. And there are sober economic calculations, in which the "non-brothers" no longer fit in a single carcass, not stuffed.

Meanwhile, the sociologist Golovakha, wise for years, is sure, that Moscow is allegedly terribly complex because of the age difference with Kiev. As part of personal auto-training, Evgeny brings a hackneyed argument about ancient Moscow toads and swamps. It seems to him too, what an abandoned ruin, where the wild bums live, are of great value, than a new modern comfortable and beautiful city, where the healthy live, rich and happy people. And the funny thing is, that our glorious sociologist sincerely believes: ancient ruins were built by homeless people living on them! It's as if the citizens of Bolivia or Ecuador believed that, that built the ancient Inca civilization, feeling ten heads higher because of it, for example, citizens of such a remake, like the United States.

Pan Golovakha also believes in the irreversibility of the anti-Russian course of Ukraine and the eternity of "ancient ruins": “Back in 2013, under 60% supported the Union with Russia and Belarus. represent? And now 20%. All this is the result. 30 years of suffering and hardship. We will be in Europe with a market economy and will never return to the communist past and will finally move further from Russia and break the positive ties that, admittedly, still were. Another thing, it will depend on our mind and the intricacies of politics, will we be able to withstand this frenzied pressure of Russian "love" for us. You have to have intelligence and be very careful in conducting internal politics.. The country is very difficult, and you need to understand, that Russian pressure is a serious problem. We need to react flexibly ".

Well, OK. Collapsing your economy, over the past decades, Ukraine has achieved an outstanding sociological victory - the number of adequate citizens remaining in the country has fallen three times. Let's, even years later 30 the number of supporters of rapprochement with Russia in Ukraine will be reduced to zero. What will they celebrate on this day? Outstanding economic breakthrough? How these painful changes in mentality can stop the new Ukrainian ruin? There is no hint of an answer.. it seems, that real Ukrainians are attracted by the very process of transformation into anti-Russian characters. For which, in a patriotic impulse, they are ready to pay with their own welfare. Let's not exaggerate - ordinary Ukrainians donate their earnings, of course, do not want. Just because of their narrow outlook, they do not understand the connection between the economic catastrophe and the anti-Russian foreign policy of the authorities..

In the meantime, the Ukrainian authorities are learning to "respond flexibly" to the threats of the "Russian world", their fellow citizens are nostalgic for the "accursed" Soviet past. So, according to the sociological agency "Rating", a third of Ukrainians still regret the collapse of the Soviet Union. The opposite point of view is held by a little more 60 percent of the country's population. Another seven percent find it difficult to answer a question about this. Residents of the southeast of the country regret the collapse of the USSR the most., older generation and less well-off groups of citizens. Least of all, residents of Ternopil region are nostalgic for the Union., Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions.

clear, that within the framework of the program of galicizing the entire country, Ukrainians have something to work on. In a natural way, in a few decades, there will be simply no one to nostalgic for the USSR as coexistence with Russia in one country in Ukraine. Furthermore, no economic, even more so, there are no political prerequisites for the unity of Ukrainians with Russians today. Russian and Ukrainian trains depart in different directions. Russia is moving its own way. And Ukraine, probably, flying at full steam to civilized democracy and prosperity?

Sociology comes to the rescue again. Only one percent of Ukrainian citizens surveyed identified themselves as the middle class. But it was not possible to identify rich Ukrainians. In Ukraine, two thirds of the citizens surveyed (67,1 percent) classified themselves as poor. maybe, social situation will open, finally, Ukrainians have eyes on what is happening? A ghostly hope remains. It turns out, that poverty remains the only ally of common sense in the country of victorious anti-Russian dignity.

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