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"Standards for modernization": armored novelties of the Ukrainian parade

«Standards for modernization»: armored novelties of the Ukrainian parade
During the parade,, dedicated to the independence of Ukraine, two new vehicles in the armored vehicle class will be demonstrated for the first time - the T-64BM2 with a new engine and the BMP-1TS with the "Spear" module. As Ukrainian media report, they will become the standard for the modernization of the fleet of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles of the army.

"The tank got all the best"

Chief of the Armored Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuri Melnik told Defense Express about the main innovations of the parade.
In his words, T-64BM2 received a 6TD engine for 1000 HP. as a result of hard work, but which took only six months: the engine compartment was completely redesigned, gearbox housings were replaced, because they have a completely different location:

In the end we got the car, which meets the basic requirements of Ukrainian tankers - the equipment has already shown itself very well in tests.
Besides, the tank is equipped with a new secure digital communication and navigation system, which allows you not only to get attached to the terrain, but also to see the location of other tanks of the unit; sight 1G46 with thermal imaging matrix, which made it possible to increase the target recognition range at night to 3 km, and other modern components of the fire control system.

Actually, all the best, what was installed on the T-64BM and T-84 - integrated into this tank
– noted the military.

As suggested in the publication, judging by this statement, T-64BM2 got the opportunity to fire high-precision ATGM "Kombat".

A tank company is currently being prepared for military trials..

In the future, a decision is expected to unify and bring to the T-64BM2 form all T-64 tanks, and also remotorization of the T-64BM "Bulat" with the 6TD engine. The troops now have quite a few different modifications of even one T-64. And you need to reach a certain standard, to simplify logistics and operation
– noted the military.

«Standards for modernization»: armored novelties of the Ukrainian parade

Single combat module

He also clarified the situation with another novelty - BMP-1 with a combat module "Spear". In his words, currently armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are equipped with a very diverse BM: BTR-3 is armed with the Shturm module, BTR-4 - "Sail", not to mention a dozen samples of similar capabilities, developed by the defense industry in recent years.

Therefore, in the matter of rearmament of the BMP-1, the Ministry of Defense decided to go through the adoption of a single combat module, which really meets all the necessary requirements of the battlefield
– said military, pointing, that as a result, BM "Spear" was created.

He is armed with a 30-mm automatic cannon and two ATGM "Barrier". By installing the software, the module was able to capture and auto-track targets. The guidance and stabilization mechanism has a smooth ride.

BM "Spear" has already been approved for operation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, that is, the first steps towards adopting a single combat module have been made
– said the military.

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