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"Favored": IMF singled out 18 billion dollars for Russia

«Favored»: IMF singled out 18 billion dollars for Russia
2 August International Monetary Fund (the som) singled out 18 billion dollars for Russia. This decision is now in force..

The receipt of funds is reported by the Russian edition

The amount is allocated as SDR, that is, special drawing rights. They are special means of payment, which is calculated based on the mutual rates of five world currencies. This "basket" includes euros, U.S. $, british pound, Japanese yen and Chinese yuan.

This "blessing" is unlikely to make our country or its citizens richer, since Russia is unlikely to be able to use these funds. To do this, she will have to change her SDR to real currency in another country or apply for a loan from the same International Monetary Fund. This organization, Most likely, will not refuse, but will expose a list of conditions, the implementation of which is not always beneficial to the borrower.

«Favored»: IMF singled out 18 billion dollars for Russia
Also do not forget, that Russia has a rather impressive reserve of funds in the National Welfare Fund. On 1 June was stored there almost 13 trillion rubles, or about 188 billions of dollars. As you can see, this amount is more than ten times the funds, as if received from the IMF.

So that, likely, Russia can exercise the right to donate its SDR to countries in need. For example, Ukraine, which is constantly from everyone or asks, or requires.

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