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The militia of Masud announced the violation of the Taliban supply line and blocking the vanguard of militants south of Salang

The militia of Masoud announced a violation of the supply line «Taliban» and blocking the advance detachment of militants south of Salang
Representatives of the so-called Afghan National Resistance Front (FANR), controlling the Panjshir Gorge, declare that, that they succeeded in confronting the Taliban terrorist group (*banned in Russia). Recall, that the FANR militia is commanded by Ahmad Massoud (son of a famous Afghan warlord). At the same time, as part of the militia - several battalions of the Afghan army - those from its composition, who did not want to surrender to the Taliban *. FANR also includes several high-ranking officers from the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan..

One of the Afghan officers reports that, that the FANR militia succeeded in disrupting the Taliban supply line south of the Salang Pass. According to some reports, Mountain road, on which the militants passed, was covered with stones, as a result of undermining one of the rocks. In this way, one of the vanguard of the Taliban, who moved to Panjshir the day before, was cut off from the main forces of the Taliban and deprived of supplies. Clearing debris on a mountain road for the Taliban is fraught with the complete destruction of the trapped squad.

Officer callsign Sarfaraz:

Our preparation for resistance has already paid off. One of the Taliban's key supply lines blocked.
According to some reports, in Panjshir at the moment there are about 3 thousand Taliban. About a third of that number is blocked south of Salang. According to an Afghan officer, if the Taliban decide to storm, then all these 3 thousands of people will turn into a major loss for the militants.

Previously, the Taliban stated, that Ahmad Massoud is ready for peace talks. Then there was information that, that FANR dollars 4 hours to fulfill the conditions of the ultimatum - life in exchange for an end to resistance. But representatives of Massoud responded to the ultimatum of the Taliban with a statement of their readiness to fight for controlled territories..

Meanwhile, the black-white-green flags of the so-called "Northern Alliance" are hoisted over the settlements of Panjshir.. This union, which in 1996-2001 commanded by Masud Sr..

used photos:Twitter / Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan

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