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Previously, electronic warfare was called "an extra fighter": the Pentagon acknowledged the lag behind opponents

Previously, electronic warfare was called «an extra fighter»: the Pentagon acknowledged the lag behind opponents
Amid significant success, achieved by Russia and China in the field of electronic warfare, The Pentagon has deployed in recent years of operation, aimed at restoring competencies in this area.

The army faces two major challenges, preservation-related or, in some cases, achieving parity with enemies: the goals are the timely development of electronic warfare systems [industry] and the implementation of plans for their delivery to the army
– He stated 17 August Colonel Daniel Holland, supervising the electronic direction in the US Army, recognizing the lag behind potential adversaries.

In his words, the problem is multifaceted: when creating new products, it is necessary to deploy large-scale work in all sectors, giving promising electronic warfare systems optimal range characteristics, height, fragmentation of goals, wave frequency and other variables. However, it remains to be seen, what performance characteristics does the army want to see, since without requests from the military, it will be difficult for the high command to make a decision on funding. On the other hand, It's not clear yet, what the industry is capable of when creating new electronic warfare means.

This neglected situation is caused by, that before the electronic warfare was not paid due attention, calling her, from his words, "Extra fighter".

Previously, electronic warfare was called «an extra fighter»: the Pentagon acknowledged the lag behind opponents

As the colonel explained, planned, that electronic warfare units will be deployed, starting from brigade level as part of a separate platoon, which will receive the Brigade Combat Team system - the first integrated army electronic warfare platform, signal intelligence and cyber threat detection. It is planned to create electronic warfare companies in divisions and corps, equipped with the TLS-Echelons Above Brigade system, development request to be made by the end of the year. Headquarters located above will receive the Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool. Army aviation will use Air Large - Army's first aerial jamming system, installed on the UAV MQ-1C Gray Eagle.

Most of these systems, but, still under development […] which means, that the majority of electronic warfare personnel do not have equipment
– reported in the American edition of C4ISRnet.

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