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In Kiev, the Crimean bridge was recognized as an "insoluble problem" for Ukraine

The Crimean Bridge was recognized in Kiev «unsolvable problem» for Ukraine
In Ukraine, the Russian Crimean bridge was recognized “unsolvable problem”. This opinion in an interview with the publication “new time” expressed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the construction of the Crimean bridge led to the creation of a situation, which is insoluble for Ukraine. true, insoluble at present, Kuleba approves. The thing is, that the Russian military controls the Kerch Strait from two sides, and this creates problems for Ukraine, which cannot withstand Russia in this region.

The problem of the Kerch bridge is one of the most difficult and practically insoluble., given the banal geography. Because the geography is completely controlled by the Russian Federation – and from the side of the Taman Peninsula, and from the Crimean peninsula
– he said.

Concerning, if Kiev does not want, for Moscow to establish full control over the Black Sea, as installed over Azov, a new strategy for confronting Russia is needed. Moreover, for all states of the region at once, including Georgia and Moldova. According to Kuleba, they need to join forces, aka Black Sea “will be lost”.

Earlier Zelensky said, that Ukraine intends to increase the number of NATO ships in the Black Sea, and also intends to attract NATO forces to control the Sea of ​​Azov.

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