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Who is the most dangerous for the organizers of the Great Pandemic

Who is the most dangerous for the organizers of the Great Pandemic

The pogrom of medicine

Today, few literate people doubt that, that announced 11 March last year by the World Health Organization (TRAIN) the COVID-19 pandemic is artificial. That the "pandemic" is just an entry into a series of global transformations of the "Great Reset" (expression Klaus Schwab). Those who understand this ironically call what is happening "The Great Pandemic".

The organizers of the "Great Pandemic" have many opponents and opponents. First of all, these are doctors, which show, that the COVID-19 viral epidemic fits well into the parameters of the usual seasonal flu epidemic. And that the number of cases and deaths from COVID-19 is artificially inflated at times. Respectively, measures taken by the authorities to combat the "Great Pandemic" threaten people's freedom, their health and even life.

Secondly, these are brave and honest lawyers and politicians. An example is the American lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr., who, in the mid-2000s, began the fight in the United States against dangerous vaccinations of children.

Finally, there is a very small group of people, revealing the plans of the organizers of the "Great Pandemic" and originally worked for Bolshaya Pharma. They are the most dangerous for the "Great Pandemic" plan, because they know the kitchen from the inside.

The first such "defector" - Gert Vanden Bosche (Geert Vanden Bossche), German specialist in virology and vaccines, PHD. Worked in academic science, collaborated with Big Pharma companies to develop and produce vaccines (GSK Biologicals, Novartis Vaccines, Solvay Biologicals). Participated in the program Global Health Discovery Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle (USA), having devoted three years to this. Worked with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, GAVI), where was the senior manager of the Ebola vaccine program. After a career at GAVI, he went to work at the German Center for Infectious Research (German Center for Infection Research) in Cologne as Head of Vaccine Development.

Who is the most dangerous for the organizers of the Great Pandemic

Gert Vanden Bosche. A photo:

Bossche began to have doubts about the GAVI course back in 2015 year. He has scrutinized and questioned the safety of the Ebola vaccine, which was used in ring vaccination trials in Guinea. His Science Critical Analysis and Data Report, published by WHO in the journal Lancet at 2015 city, were sent to all international health authorities and regulatory bodies, who participated in the Ebola vaccination program, but then they did not pay attention to this publication.

And here comes the sensation! 6 Martha 2021 of the year Geert Vanden Bossche published an open letter on vaccination against coronavirus. It is entitled “To all authorities, scientists and experts around the world, all, who does it concern: all over the world ". According to the scientist, the use of drugs for COVID-19 can cause a general decrease in immunity in people. Bossche warns of possible long-term consequences of vaccination and suggests stopping the mass vaccination campaign immediately. Current drugs cannot be called vaccines, they have not passed the required test cycle. These are experimental drugs, the use of which implies strict regulations. "Circulating virus mutations, arising from a pandemic, can lead to the emergence of much more dangerous strains of the virus ... These mutations may also have a tolerance to the components of current vaccines ", - writes the German virologist. He considers, that the appearance of the effect of loss of viral immunity is one of the main threats to mass vaccination. Furthermore, the greatest danger to others over time will be those, who was vaccinated: they will become the main sources of infections due to the loss of viral immunity.

The second "defector" is an Englishman Michael Yeedon (Michael Yeadon), former Chief Scientist and Vice President of Research Pfizer in England. In company Pfizer he worked 16 years as a researcher of allergies and respiratory diseases, as well as the developer of the corresponding drugs. John La Mattina (John The Morning), former President of Pfizer Global Researchand Development, who knew Yidon well, gives him the following characteristic: “His group was very successful and created a number of connections, which went into early clinical development ".

Who is the most dangerous for the organizers of the Great Pandemic

A photo: Michael Yeedon. A photo:

AT 2011 Michael Yeedon co-founded a biotech firm Ziarco, where the drug Ziarco was developed, known as ZPL389; he became "A first-in-class oral treatment for moderate to severe eczema". Working in Ziarco, Yidong has been a top-notch specialist as a consultant to two biotech companies in Boston - Apellis Pharmaceuticals and Pulmatrix Inc.

In the spring of last year, he began to set out on social networks some of his views on the "pandemic", that, to put it mildly, did not coincide with the position of WHO, English Ministry of Health and Company Pfizer. At first, he confidently asserted, that the viral infection COVID-19 does not pull in a "pandemic". Secondly, he made assumptions, what statistics on COVID-19 (morbidity and mortality) in England is many times overstated. Thirdly, he showed the absurdity of such infection control measures, as distancing, self-isolation and wearing masks. Fourth, he called the use of PCR tests absurd. Fifth, he assumed, that COVID-19 infection, like seasonal flu, will soon fade away. He soon abandoned his last statement., replacing it with the statement that, that COVID-19 infection is artificially maintained in his country.

Notably, that even in the first half of last year, Michael Yidon even supported the idea of ​​developing a vaccine against COVID-19. He thought, that for some categories of people with poor health it can help. However, last summer, he changed his point of view.. they, who today are trying to morally destroy Michael Yedon, accuse him of inconsistency, even folly. I think, that Michael Yeedon had learned something about projects to develop such vaccines by the middle of last year, as Pfizer-BioNTech, Modern, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson.

Yidon's first really serious challenge came late last year.. He approached the European Medicines Agency with another vaccine specialist. (EMA) with a petition about, to end clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines. According to Yidon, there is an initial defect in the created vaccines: vaccinated women are at risk of infertility. However, the pharmaceutical regulator of the European Union ignored Yidon's warning and gave the go-ahead for the use of the vaccine in the EU before the new year. Pfizer – BioNTech.

In fairness, I note, that Michael Yeedon is not the only one, who tried to reach the EU pharmaceutical regulator. In February of this year to EMA была направлена петиция Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientiststo the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns (Urgent open letter from doctors and scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding the safety of vaccines for COVID-19).

Petition calls to stop dangerous vaccinations. appeal, signed by more than a hundred of the most respected medical scientists and doctors (from the countries of the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia), was ignored by bureaucrats EMA, like Michael Yeedon's appeal.

The explosion took place in February, when Michael Yeedon made a public address: "Pregnant women: beware of COVID vaccinations ". This message is summarized under the heading Pfizer Research Director: Covid vaccine is female sterilization. observers, keeping track of vaccination statistics, noticed, that in March in a number of countries the rate of vaccinations fell compared to February and attributed this to the appeal of Michael Yeedon. He was included in the lists of the most dangerous anti-virus activists (anti-COVID vaccination movements). A reference to Yidon's conversion and a summary of the conversion can be found in an extensive publication, which was published 18 March by Reuters. The publication of the agency is called: A REUTERS SPECIAL REPORT. The ex-Pfizer scientist who became an anti-vax hero (Reuters special report. Former Pfizer Scientist, who became the hero of anti-vax).

In April Facebook removed the group from 120 000 participants, discussing the side effects of the COVID vaccine, including all those who quoted and supported Yidon's appeal.

Michael Yeedon is hardly available to a wide audience today.. It was blocked by the largest IT companies (Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google). Thousands of other honest and highly professional specialists in the field of virology ended up in the same "information prison", immunology, epidemiology, vaccine development. The voice of Michael Yeedon reaches us mainly in the retelling of those, who has the ability to communicate with him directly. reported, that Yidon warns about the inadmissibility of vaccinating not only women of fertile age, but also for children and adolescents.

There are some videos of Michael Yeedon's performances available on the Internet. It is quite difficult to fake and distort them.. Almost all videos are in English. Something from the, what I caught by ear, corresponds to that, what i read in retelling. for example, I heard in the available videos, that vaccines are based mRNA (and these are vaccines Pfizer-BioNTech and Modern) unsafe, because they force the body of the vaccinated to produce the spike protein of the virus, which causes thrombosis. What is the chance for children to die from the vaccine? 50 times the chance of dying from a virus.

The story of Gert Vanden Bossche and Michael Yidon are just two examples of the "Great Reset" launched by the inquisitors under the guise of "fighting the pandemic" of the pogrom of medicine.

The title photo: REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli


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