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Why Biden's excuses for Afghanistan sound ridiculous

Why Biden's excuses for Afghanistan sound ridiculous

Enchanting defeat of the United States, which they literally suffered in a matter of days in the country, generates more and more resonance, as in American society itself, so all over the world. Bitter words about the complete fiasco of the state, claiming a dominant role on the planet and indelible shame, which lay on the stars and stripes, diverge in the global information space like circles on water.

Leader of the USA, at first either trying to keep silent, or simply could not find words, suitable for such an extraordinary occasion, finally rallied his strength and made an appeal to the nation, which, Frankly, sounds like a rather clumsy attempt to make excuses for a failure on a truly historic scale. Speechwriters at the head of the White House are professionals - you can't argue here. However, all the theses prepared by them for the patron are shattered not only on the unsightly reality, but also about his own statements, made publicly in earlier years or even recent months. Biden refutes and catches on Biden's lies.

Winners are not judged. The defeated are not justified

Before moving on to a detailed "breakdown" of the main points of the speech of the President of the United States, it will be useful to find out, on what informational background it sounded. What the leading media in the United States are saying and writing about what is happening in Afghanistan and Joe Biden's "personal contribution" to this colossal shame? For example, let's take publications in two editions of the "main caliber" – The New York Times и The Washington Post. Little pleasant for the head of the White House in both publications, However, the WP article in this situation can be called "moderate" and "sparing" – its authors emphasize the enormous damage, which is carefully fixed by a multitude of bodies- and cameras, the tragic exodus from Kabul inflicted an international reputation on the United States and its geopolitical ambitions. it, in particular, quotes the openly mocking words of the head of the British Defense Parliament Tobias Ellwood: “So that's how, is, looks like in practice the implementation of the slogan "America is back"! The stampede of her soldiers in front of the rebels, the most serious weapons of which are hand grenade launchers, makes all the US allies think very hard ". Quoted by The Washington Post and much less emotional, but a more specific statement from the head of the consulting company Inegma Riad Kahwaji, which directly points to a general "crisis of confidence in the United States, as an ally and partner ", and approves, that after the Afghan events, he, undoubtedly, will reach a whole new level. What is characteristic, At the same time, Kahwaji cites Russia's successful actions in Syria as an antipode to the American failure in Afghanistan., where events develop according to a completely different scenario - with much lower human losses and financial investments in Moscow. This should sound especially offensive to Mr. Biden., publication on the same topic in The New York Times does not leave a stone unturned from the presidential pride. In fact, this is a real dressing, ruthless and derogatory. The NYT authors begin their article with, that they immediately hang on him the label of "the most unlucky leader and commander-in-chief in the history of the country", and then explain in great detail, on the basis of what facts did they come to this disappointing conclusion. the, that the American army had to be withdrawn from Afghanistan is not questioned - the journalists admit, that the war there "could not be won" and that it "did not correspond to the national interests of the United States". However, the head of the White House is blamed for that, how carelessly and ugly this very withdrawal was organized and the evacuation of all those, who worked for American allies in this country. At the same time, the president is immediately reminded of his words about, that he “will never allow a repetition of the most terrible shame of the United States - the shameful flight by helicopters from the roof of the embassy in Saigon, which took place in 1975 year ". Admitted, and how! can say, in multiples of ... From the roof of the diplomatic mission, American diplomats into "turntables", and the truth, did not jump. However, the bunches of bodies of Afghans, the "allies" falling from the landing gear of the planes flying overseas made the world, perhaps, even more lasting impression, than a Vietnamese disgrace. Especially in light of the fact, that in that case the US and its puppets fought the rebel forces, supported by the USSR and China, and now they scrambled in front of the mujahideen who descended from the mountains, behind which did not stand, practically, no one. And the American army, over the past half a century since those days, seems to have somewhat raised its level.. Or not, mr biden?

Lying, which no longer saves

Remember the old joke about the nag, trying to make excuses for, that she did not win the prize race? "Well, I couldn't, well, I couldn't ... ", Joe Biden's attempts to explain the military and foreign policy catastrophe in Afghanistan sounded something like this. But no. How could the head of state go to such frankness?, positioned himself all the time, as "the president of the United States, most competent in foreign policy since Dwight D. Eisenhower "? Head of the White House, thinking, as can be seen to resort to lies to save their own reputation, tried hard to put a good face on a bad game, trying to prove, that "everything is going according to plan". Well, or almost according to plan. The lies in his address begin literally from the first words., from that very moment, when he tries to prove, that Washington had no idea "to form a nation and statehood in Afghanistan", and they didn’t even aim to "establish democracy". So, can say, We went for a walk. At Biden's age, forgetfulness is forgivable, however for a person, the incumbent, she is unacceptable. AT 2001 year George W. Bush swore to the Americans that, that the Taliban (It banned in Russia) the end is about to come ". Across 8 years old Barack Obama (under which Biden served as vice president) without a shadow of a doubt sent more and more military contingents to Afghanistan, to erase the Taliban into dust and sand. And in 2016 year, convinced of that, that the "end" still does not come and is unlikely to come at all, he also announced his intentions to introduce the same Taliban "into the Afghan government". What are after this today's Biden's words about, that no one was going to defeat anyone, and the goal was only to "protect the United States from terrorist attacks"?And for this it was necessary to ditch thousands of our own soldiers, hundreds of thousands of Afghans and thrown to the wind, least, trillion dollars from the state budget? The most, perhaps, cute in Biden's passages is an attempt to "switch the arrows" to ... Russia and China! breakwater, how happy they would be in Moscow and Beijing, continue Washington "to continue to spend its resources on the Afghan mission"! Hm ... shouldn't this statement be understood as, that the last two decades the United States has been under external Russian-Chinese control? However, this, rather, an attempt to once again find the culprits of the disaster, which the American president sees everyone, except myself. “We gave the Afghan army everything, but she has no will to win ... Afghan leaders lied about their willingness to fight ... The American army will not fight for the people, who does not want to defend his freedom ... "Well, everything is clear here: "Out of the horse feed" and the whole company is out of step - except for Lieutenant Biden, naturally. In this case, the, that Washington deliberately turned a blind eye to the colossal corruption in the power of Afghanistan, and in his power structures, caught, in fact, only a channel for pumping money out of allies, of course, not recognized. What fertilized, the, as the saying goes, and grew. The saddest (for Americans), that all of them, sorry for the expression, The "strategy" for a dignified and relatively graceful departure from the country was, as it turned out, built on delusions, self-deception and sheer incompetence as diplomatic, and intelligence services. As it appears, these poor fellows (and personally Biden, including) seriously counted on, that the Ghani regime (and his troops) hold out at least that much, to enable the overseas "benefactors" leaving them to plunge into planes without a shameful haste. It did not grow together. There are, however, and other versions. In particular, regarding, that the White House was warned ahead of time by the Pentagon: in the event of an accelerated withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, likely, chaos will open up, the power there will collapse, like a drunk in a puddle, and the army will scatter, like a flock of hares. However, the president did not heed the warnings and gave the order to force the withdrawal of military units so, as much as possible. In another version, Biden still became a victim of would-be scouts, convinced the head of state that, that the local security forces still have some "margin of safety" and the army can be removed from Afghanistan according to the approved schedule, having managed at the same time to negotiate with the Taliban about a "civilized" transfer of power or even the creation of a coalition government. Biden himself, I remember, talked about plans for "over-the-horizon support" of the Afghan army in the event of an offensive on Kabul. Nothing like this happened in reality - obviously, they were just as "realistic", how intentions to agree on something with the mujahideen, accustomed to taking their own power, and not to talk with the "unfaithful". And certainly the president will never be forgotten for his "prophetic" statement about, that “the likelihood of the complete capture of the entire country by the Taliban and, first of all, Kabul, is extremely low ". With what joy old Joe made such conclusions?! obviously, after the "terrible warning", which was addressed to the Taliban by the US Special Envoy for Reconciliation in Afghanistan Zalma Khalilzad, who demanded from the militants "an immediate end to attacks on cities and a transition to a political settlement", warning, that the government they formed "will become an outcast in the world community". Scared to shivers ... American drape from Kabul is not just a shame, humiliation, complete zeroing of geopolitical status. This is the end of the era of the United States. Now definitely. And no presidential excuses will help here.. Nothing will help.

Alexander Neukropny

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