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40 seconds of open combustion of the engine: Some details of the fall of the military transport aircraft Il-112V in the suburbs

40 seconds of open combustion of the engine: Some details of the fall of the military transport aircraft Il-112V in the suburbs
Some details emerge, related to the crash of the Il-112V military transport aircraft in the Moscow region. Recall, that this aircraft was a prototype of the newest military transport aircraft being created in our country. It should become one of the foundations of military transport aviation (WTA) Russian Aerospace Forces. After the disaster, the prospects for the start of serial production in the near future of such machines become very vague..

During the flight, the Il-112V crew encountered problems in the right engine.. Experienced pilots, in the cockpit, informed the ground about it, noting, that efforts are being made to shut off an ignited aircraft engine.

In such a situation, the crew decided to act according to the worked out scheme.: block the engine, объятого пламенем, после чего осуществить заход на посадку с разворотом. Разворот выполнялся в правом направлении – именно «в сторону» загоревшегося двигателя.

However, all the efforts of the pilots were in vain.. According to recent reports, the engine continued to run, what caused an additional increase in the consequences of its burning. The resulting transcendental lurch was no longer possible to fix.

The pilots tried to make the approach maneuver "through the turn" after about 25 seconds after the start of open combustion of the engine. After about another 15 seconds a military transport aircraft Il-112V fell. When falling, the car made almost a full revolution around the central axis, after which eyewitnesses saw a column of fire smoke, raised in the forest area.

It is necessary to state, that the crew of the test aircraft took all measures, to take the transporter away from residential areas.

Recall, that initially the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation refused to accept the aircraft for testing due to the fact, that its mass exceeded the standard parameters. Then there was evidence that, that it is necessary to carry out the revision of the engines. Eventually, as the situation shows, the car rose in the air, as it appears, staying technically “raw”. At least, this is how flight experts interpret the situation.

For reference: the Il-112V aircraft was produced at the Voronezh aircraft building plant. The start of operation in the Russian Aerospace Forces was planned for 2022 year.

The plane arrived from Voronezh in the Moscow region 13 August.

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