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Julia Vityazeva: Russia has a problem with a third ally

Julia Vityazeva: Russia has a problem with a third ally

Russia has three allies: army, navy and a sense of humor. If everything is fine with the first two points, then with the latter there are obvious problems

For at first some girls "joked" about General Karbyshev, then three laughed out loud at the death of the heroes of Donbass Givi and Motorola, then Dolgopolov came to the fore with jokes about the Mother of God, and now - some Idrak, smeared all the Russians with shit.

understandably, that humor is an art, who needs talent. clear, that at all times there were mediocrity, consider, that their handicraft is art.

But in the case of humor, we are increasingly faced with the fact, what kind of joke is not just clumsy and not funny, and frankly offensive.

Because, frantically looking for inspiration, mediocrity find him there, where no truly talented person will seek. Namely - behind the red line and at the bottom.

of course, the overwhelming part of society does not just reject such jokes, but also quite rightly considers them offensive.

And then the howl begins. From those, who believes, that you can joke about everything, that some people don't understand anything about real humor, that you can not punish for words and in general, "If you don't like something, just turn off the TV".

Simply put, in this particular case, bunch of loafers, the main instrument of which is the gland, they offer us to shut up stupidly. For the sole reason, what do they know better, What is funny, and what does not.

Pros, Ichio mother. By 10 years have not left the scene, giving by 7 performances per day. Leaders and shock workers. Stakhanovites!

And we, ungrateful, I do not appreciate.

We are also offended.

I will say more: is, Idrak who smeared us all with shit actually fought with xenophobia. But we didn’t understand. Because how can we, stupid, to understand the flight of the thoughts of the giant of the stand-up industry, day and night plowing in the field of jokes humor.

therefore, tits, plebs! Silence and heed! With trepidation! And laugh. Loud and to tears. Idrak and Co. are trying.

And if something seems offensive to you, then don't you dare talk about it out loud. So as not only not to offend the master, but also not to be branded as an ignoramus. Who knows nothing about beauty, understandable only to a select few.

Julia Vityazeva

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