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Alexander Rogers: Malthusian scissors spark abortion epidemic in Britain

Alexander Rogers: Malthusian scissors spark abortion epidemic in Britain

Fresh news comes to us from the shores of foggy Albion. And this is such news, which I would not wish and the enemy.

Office for National Statistics (US) UK last Tuesday released a report, which implies, what more than a quarter of all pregnancies in England and Wales end in abortion.

At the same time, the growth of these numbers is obvious.. If in 2018 year the percentage of abortions was 24%, to the 2019 year he has already 25,2%, showing consistent growth over the years.

In absolute numbers it looks like this: 209.519 of about 821.000 thousands of pregnancies ended in abortion. The number of abortions among adolescents reaches two thirds.

AT 2020 year these figures are even higher have grown, and the preliminary number of abortions performed was 210.860, highest quantity, beginning with 1967 of the year, when abortion was legalized and such statistics began to be collected.

Wherein 85% abortion is carried out at home with abortion-inducing "drugs".

Michael Robinson of the Association for the Protection of the Unborn Children (SPUC) He speaks, that this is because, what the propaganda says, that “abortion is easy, safe and not scary ", and the corresponding drugs are readily available.

Among the motivational reasons, pushing women to abortion, call financial instability (in blessed UK? явамнэвирю!), striving for career growth and the rapid rise in the cost of raising children. Also recognize, that coronavirus contributes to an increase in the number of abortions.

In fact it is purposeful policy of the British authorities to reduce the population. Starting with the already mentioned propaganda and ending with the activities of special agencies such as the British Pregnancy Counseling Service (British Pregnancy Advisory Service, BPAS) which just does not exist to accompany expectant mothers, and for persuading them to have an abortion. They "carefully" slip the necessary pills or suggest, where is it easier to get them.

I wrote repeatedly, that the British elites are a closed club of tightly crazed perverts, continuing to profess frankly Nazi Malthusian principles for population reduction. And what exactly is the Malthusian ideology (the falsehood of which has been repeatedly proven by the very practice of life) is at the heart of propaganda egocentrism, narcissism, Childfree, feminism of the third wave, hatred between men and women, as well as all these "live for yourself" and "my body is my business".

These degenerates, who created the ideology of Atlanta, straightened his shoulders ", telling about hardworking capitalists and workers parasitizing on their work (it's funny and ridiculous for us, and they are broadcasting it in all seriousness to this day), already have been afraid of hunger for several centuries, which supposedly must necessarily come with the growth of the population.

But the trick, that the population is not growing more than that amount, which can be fed - natural regulation mechanisms are activated. AND with the development of technology, this figure is growing (according to FAO UN, Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations, modern technologies allow to feed a minimum 24 billion people).

Furthermore, to maintain the current technological level, and more better to go to next, sixth technological order, need more people, what is now. So we can directly see, that in Russia there is an obvious shortage of workers. For a modern economy, we need more population.

And even that's not all. If population decline in some countries continues, then they will not be able to maintain the current level of technology development (each style needs a certain number of people, participating in it, the higher the order, the more). And here if technological regression occurs, then famine will really come. Exactly the same, like in the middle ages, when there were few people.

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