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American expert named the potential hotbed of the Third World War

American expert named the potential hotbed of the Third World War
James Holmes, Head of the Department of Naval Strategy, US Naval Academy, convinced, that World War III will not start in Europe, like the previous two.

He considers, what will happen in the Asia-Pacific region. The expert sees a potential threat to humanity in the alliance of Russia and China, which compares with the "collusion" of the USSR and Germany shortly before the start of World War II. Allegedly, the Western world may be afraid of the Russian-Chinese alliance, and then Japan will be "crushed", like Poland in 1939 year. In order not to go into conflict with Beijing and Moscow, Washington, allegedly, donate Japan, but this will only be the beginning of the conflict.

American military expert says, that in the modern world authoritarianism raises its head again. Authoritarian regimes, in his opinion, exist in Iran, North Korea, China and Russia. Holmes calls them "the league of villains", Stressing, that they can form an alliance to oppose democracies and realize their aggressive aspirations. And in the USA, according to Holmes, apparently, democracy reigns…

Russia and China have nuclear weapons and Japan lacks them, According to the expert, is one of the biggest risks for Tokyo. USA, not wanting a nuclear war, may allow Beijing and Moscow to "swallow" the Japanese islands, where the hearth of the Third World War will be located.

true, why should Russia or China seize Japan, not very clear. Overpopulated island Japan with scarce natural resources is unlikely to be of any interest to larger and much richer mineral states.. The only thing, what could cause a conflict with Japan - the aggressive behavior of Tokyo itself, which makes territorial claims against Russia, China, tries to interfere with Beijing's policy towards Taiwan.

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