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Sergei Markov: On the situation in Lithuania, it is time to convene the UN Security Council

Sergei Markov: On the situation in Lithuania, it is time to convene the UN Security Council

An increasingly dramatic crisis unfolds in Lithuania

Every day massive demonstrations against the authorities. Every day they are brutally dispersed by the security forces.

Without an announcement, there is essentially a general mobilization. The army is withdrawn from the barracks and is stationed near the border and in the cities with the greatest unrest.

The government is also hastily arming paramilitary units, different types of self-defense and brings them to the border. Yesterday, demonstrators tried to forcefully blockade parliament and capture the most controversial MPs, but were violently dispersed by the security forces. More 1,5 thousands of migrants were forcibly expelled by the Lithuanian authorities to Belarus, many migrants were severely beaten by the Lithuanian authorities. Some were even demonstratively killed. This is real racism.

The reason for the revolutionary situation- refugees. And the general stupidity of the authorities. Which for some reason, eg, took and entered into conflict with China, for some reason recognizing Taiwan. The Lithuanian authorities have been actively involved in the preparation of a coup d'etat in Belarus for several years.. In revenge, Lukashenka stopped detaining migrants, that, I learned about it, poured into Lithuania from Iraq and Syria, to go to Germany and Sweden.

The flow of migrants is growing. Lithuania urgently builds concentration camps for refugees. All this racism and trash is hushed up by the authorities and the media of the European Union, because they just don't know how to react to this obvious racism and trash. At any time, armed clashes or armies and migrants can begin, or population and army, or the armies of Lithuania and Belarus. It's time to convene a meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Lithuania. And Lukashenka shows everyone, that he is very cool.

Sergei Markov

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